Reflections Shows?

Started by fearofghsts, March 30, 2014, 18:50:34

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Wow.. it's been a while since I've been on here.  I'm Bobby from the US.  I used to run the "Fear of Ghosts" cure site.  I'm actually in the UK for a couple months and just saw The Cure last night at the Royal Albert Hall and was blown away at how good they sound right now!

Anyway.. I missed the Reflections Tour and looking at the set list am just sick about it!!   :evil:

Does anyone out there have a good recording of any of those shows?  I have about 250 recordings (at home) so if we can set something up for trade we can take care of things when I get home to the US in May.

Funny... I was doing a ton of trading when it was all burning cd's and mailing them all around the globe.  Any suggestions on the best way to store mps for download these days?




I've been getting a lot of good shows from the forums at lately. You gotta dig through about 150 pages or so but every 3-4 pages you'll find 1-4 cure shows. I found five reflections shows and downloaded 4 of them - 2 from LA and 2 from NYC. They are of middling quality though (probably why I downloaded four very long versions of what is basically the same show). The best of the lot was the beatkilla recording of the 11/26 Beacon Theater show though.


Great hint, I drop on by that site every now and then... for all of those too lazy for the "dig through about 150 pages or so but every 3-4 pages you'll find 1-4 cure shows" thing, try searching for "Cure host:" in the search engine of your choice  ;)
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