2016.06.05 Greenwood Village (CO) - Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre (USA)

Started by dsanchez, November 11, 2015, 22:46:27

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2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


6/5 Denver, CO
Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
Presale: 11/12 @10a – 11/13 @10pPT
Password: iminlove
Ticket Link:  https://t.co/PZpoML0BHS
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Out of This World, Pictures of You, Closedown, High, Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, The Last Day of Summer, Cold, A Strange Day, A Night Like This, Push, In Between Days, Fascination Street, The Hungry Ghost, 39, Bloodflowers.

1st encore: It Can Never Be the Same, Want, Shake Dog Shake, Burn.

2nd encore: At Night, M, Play for Today, A Forest.

3rd encore: Hot Hot Hot!!!, The Caterpillar, The Walk, Let's Go to Bed.

4th encore: Lullaby, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?, Boys Don't Cry.
Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Last Day Of Summer & A Strange Day & It Can Never be The Same (new one back in the set). Cool.
Thanks for sharing, once again!  :smth023
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Stunning night, the band is really in superb form right now, go see. Possibly the best Cure show I've been to, loved the Bloodflowers-tinted set list...
My video of '39', pretty much the entire song, just missing a few seconds from the beginning. Loved that slow motion flame backdrop.
*edit: shot in HD, good sound

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2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Probably had more issues that night than just the guitar. The guitar problems may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Bob did well at all the shows I went to. The very last night of the tour, Roger rushed to Reeves side of the stage and bumped him. Reeves looked irritable. I think the guys were ready to be done.