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Started by lacrima mosa, December 26, 2017, 17:44:00

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lacrima mosa

Hi Community
I used to trade a lot in the 'Cassette- and CD-Times'. Now that all the files can be 'sent' online, I didn't trade anymore...
But now I look for some concerts I attended in the past and that are not in my possession...
Maybe someone of you can help me... I do own a lot of concerts to trade with... Just ask!

These are the shows I'm looking for as FLAC:

1992 Zurich
1995 Konstanz
1996 Zurich
2000 Zurich
2002 Frauenfeld
2002 London Hyde Park
2004 Köln
2016 Gothenburg
2016 Munich
2016 Basel
2016 Prague

I own some of them as mp3... So they exist... ;-)

I wish you all a Merry Xmas and hope I find some Trade-Partners!
08.10.2022 Helsinki
10.10.2022 Stockholm
12.10.2022 Oslo
13.10.2022 Göteborg
14.10.2022 Kopenhagen
16.10.2022 Hamburg
17.10.2022 Leipzig
18.10.2022 Berlin
18.11.2022 Strassburg
19.11.2022 Basel