"Le jeune homme de Crawley" by Jérémy Wulc [fr]

Started by dsanchez, December 27, 2018, 09:27:36

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QuoteJeremy Wulc is a fan of The Cure and has developed over time a friendly relationship with Robert Smith. He wanted to pay tribute to him by telling the story of his life as never read. A fascinating character, Robert Smith is an ingenious composer-songwriter, who has always been the band's band member, but whose dark side sometimes takes over. In this text written as a novel, Jérémy Wulc recounts his childhood, his meeting with his wife and the other members of the group, the first concerts, the revelation of the first titles, the physical transformations, the stormy tours, the drugs and the doubts, but successes too. Thanks to his privileged contacts with Robert and his family and his personal experience with the group Jérémy Wulc draws a singular and unpublished portrait of one of the musicians who has marked the last 30 years.

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