2018.02.06 "Robert Smith to curate 2018 Meltdown festival", The Guardian, UK

Started by Ulrich, February 06, 2018, 20:14:17

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Interview ahead of Mogwai's Meltdown performance:

Quote"Probably the Scottish weather. That's probably where it comes from. Either that or the failures of the Scottish football team." Guitarist Stuart Braithwaite is chuckling to himself as he explains why his band Mogwai make such mournful music. "Those are probably the main sources of sadness in Scotland."
The band's melancholic post-rock conjures up stark soundscapes that ebb and flow with emotion – finding beauty in a dense fog of despair that is carefully created with layer upon layer of guitars pushed to ear-splitting levels.

Fans will get the chance to witness this up close when they play a one-off show as part of Meltdown at London's Southbank Centre. The band were invited by this year's festival curator, The Cure frontman Robert Smith. "We've played quite a few shows with them during the years and kept in touch. It was really nice of him to ask us to play when he was organising the festival," says Braithwaite.

"I'm a huge The Cure fan. They're one of my favourite bands. It's very personal music. They've made amazing records and played legendary shows where they perform for hours and hours. Not many other bands can do that without people wanting to leave."
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QuoteAs with many of the acts on this year's blistering Meltdown festival bill, you get the sense that being handpicked by Cure frontman Robert Smith to perform at Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank is something of a dream come true for Mogwai.

Sandwiched between performances by Deftones and Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai are here with a set drawn from across their back catalogue - in a programme boasting the cream of post-rock talent (65daysofstatic and MONO among them), Mogwai are the kings of the hill; top of the heap.
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...