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Unconfirmed news and rumours / Re: Cure movie??
« Last post by Ulrich on June 05, 2018, 11:01:36 »
I wanna see that so baddly!!!!!!!

Don't hold your breath (you might turn blue)!
In my view, movies can take very long until they're finished, from the writing of the script up to the final editing...
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by Ulrich on June 05, 2018, 10:59:32 »
Unconfirmed news and rumours / Re: Cure movie??
« Last post by PearlThompsonsBloodflowers on June 04, 2018, 21:02:22 »
that would be awesome, but is this supposed to be official , with Robert too, or a side project like Cured?

As mentioned above, Lol hinted that his book "Cured" might be turned into a movie. At this point in time no "official" involvement of Robert or The Cure is known.

For me, it all will stand or fall with the actors. If they will look similar to Lol and Robert, it could be good.

(However, I can't see this being "in sync" with any other Cure projects, it will "just" be a movie about the Tolhurst/Smith companionship, like the book. Receiving clearance for the music shouldn't be a problem though, seeing Lol and Robert are getting on well these days.)

I wanna see that so baddly!!!!!!!
Albums and songs / Re: Which Cure song are you listening to right now?
« Last post by Ulrich on June 04, 2018, 16:08:21 »
Albums and songs / Re: Weirdest song
« Last post by helloimageifonly on June 03, 2018, 13:36:09 »

subway song - the claustrophobic feeling of the underground

I found a great clip on YouTube the other day to go with this song. Be prepared ;)

splintered in hear head - cold tribal rythm with harmonica sound and strange effect on voice

This song is haunting just like Subway Song imo, but I'm really into this spooky vibe.
In the same atmosphere there is the beautifully haunting 'All Mine' wich is to me weird lyricwise.. I am still trying to figure out what it is about. Death yes, but the story...?
Any thoughts?

Albums and songs / Re: Weirdest song
« Last post by Fabien G on June 03, 2018, 06:20:05 »
I'm really surprised by almost all your answers...

Indeed some songs could be described as weird in a way because it's quite unusual for the band to play something of a particular style like jazz, but they are still quite a normal overall with usual things from 'normal' songs, like intro/verse/chorus...
like meathook - strange lyrics but a pop tune.

To me there are weird songs but their style go with song.
subway song - the claustrophobic feeling of the underground

Then there are weird song i don't get the point, but the song still have some things from usual structure (intro verse/chorus/bridge...)
so what - reading the advert on a sugar pack, ok, i kinda get the punk idea behind it, but that voice?

There are thus many weird songs, especially on TIB because they are trying things out, looking for a style, from punk.

Then there are weird songs but i understand they're trying something, call that a 'concept' if you wish
three - robotic with a far cry
wailing wall - The top was among the firsts record i ever heard, and hearing the whales cry, it was surprising for a young kid expecting pop-rock tune. I've heard it so many times i really like it now, but then...
a hand inside my mouth, sadacic, throw your foot, stop dead, mansolidgone, the exploding boy, new day - i think from that 84-85 era are their weirdest b-sides and demos, strange rhythm and style and voice...

the final sound - slightly random notes out of tunes... strangely fits in the album though!

Finally there are two songs, these i really don't get
splintered in hear head - cold tribal rythm with harmonica sound and strange effect on voice
airlock - attempts at contemporary muzak like Pierre Boulez?

I may have forgotten some.

News from reliable sources / Re: The Cure returning to the Studio
« Last post by Ulrich on June 02, 2018, 10:16:42 »
I LOVE the deeper, darker, melancholy songs, too, but for Robert and The Cure's sake (and all the fans) I'm hoping for some inspiration to spend more time in the Sun and great outdoors.

Erm, to be honest I do not expect this from music. First of all: I myself prefer to listen to music indoors over the big speakers of my stereo, plus sometimes in my car. I don't use headphones, so you can imagine how rare it is for me to listen outdoors.
Don't get me wrong, I love to go outside, take a hike and so on. But it's hardly ever been a band which has inspired me to do so.
The Cure sadly has had the false image of "goth", like "not going out in the daylight", sit in a crypt all day etc. Fortunately I always knew that was wrong. As far as I know RS likes a good walk by the seaside. That might inspire us!

I think evolution in any artist is important

That's right. We might not even like how the music evolves, but I'm certain The Cure won't sound the same after 10 years without a new album. With Robert's 60th coming closer (next year), I could imagine him wanting a "typical" Cure album, like he did with "Disintegration" for his 30th and "Bloodflowers" around his 40th birthday.
I turned 20 when "Disintegration" was released and was around 30 with "Bloodflowers", so these records did resonate with me. Seeing I'll be 50 next year, well who knows...

has inspired me to write, take pictures of the sea...

That's the best thing, when an artist does inspire you to be creative yourself.  :cool
Unconfirmed news and rumours / Re: Cure movie??
« Last post by Fabien G on June 02, 2018, 04:12:02 »
Ooh, this frightens me a bit... I know the 'real cure story' too well (by reading all the books and everything), i only can be disappointed by watching actors trying play their role. No thanks.
I've had it a few time after sport injuries for example...
Thx because I couldn't get this info from the German site even with 'translation' on  :-D
I have never heard about this fascinating therapy and it doesn't seem to have side effects from what I am reading. The idea that these soundwaves go into the body and heal the cells and bones blows my mind.

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