1996.05.31 "Interview during the Swing Tour kick off", América TV, Argentina

Started by dsanchez, January 05, 2019, 13:24:07

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A nice interview with the band the first night of the Swing Tour at the Earls Court in London and is a very familial one!: You can see there Perry's introducing his brother (at that time he was the band's tour manager), his father and his nephew.

The journalist is very funny :P and made some silly questions to Bob such as "how did you feel the first time you saw Edward Scissorhands"? Robert answered that Tim Burton asked them to make the music for the film (the translation in the video is wrong, as it says that Burton offered Bob the role), he also said that most Hollywood movies are shallow.

About the Russian hockey t-shirt Robert said he just wore it cause they were in a TV show and people expected him to wear black, so he wore that t-shirt :P

Anyway, happy watching!

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