The Cure at the Royal Albert Hall 2014: Buy, Sell and Exchange Tickets

Started by dsanchez, February 06, 2014, 12:39:24

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As the concerts on 28th and 29th March are sold out, I am opening this topic to summarize people's requests regarding tickets. Click on the username to contact the person.


Brisk: "I'm desperately looking for 1 or 2 tickets for either night. Gallery standing or Choir"

bonbon: "Hi, I would love to buy one ticket for GALLERY STANDING"

Fabien G: "I am looking for a 'gallery standing'; if anyone has one for sale?"

Chouffkat: "Hi you cure people. I already have 4 tickets for 29th, but would be very pleased with just 1 more for a friend. We have circle seats block R. Who can make us all more happy? Maybe someone has bought 1 too many? I can help  ;)"

x-phile: "Anyone as a friday ticket to sell?"

garamax: "I need two tickets for the 28 show"

erpomata: "if anyone could help me i need 2, or better 4, tix for the 28, the circle sector, choir is ok too"


zelda100: "'I've got a spare ticket for Sat 29th. It's seated, circle, row P. Cost me £82 (incl fees) so I'd like to sell for that. I am still going on the night so we could exchange money/ticket there at 7pm. If anyone's interested, please email me"

Cure2Muse: "I have two Standing Arean tickets for Friday night at the RAH - Face value. I will be going and can meet-up to deliver tickets"

strangegirl: "I have 1 Cure Ticket to sell for the RAH on Saturday 29th March. It is seated in Circle T Row 4, selling for face value (cost £84.81 exactly). Got this on the Thurs presage so good seat! Can send next day recorded delivery"

gabriela: 1 Arena Standing ticket for sale for Friday concert

Onemoredub: "Hi, I have two tickets for Friday 28th for sale, choir seats"

Ludi: "Unfortunately I can't make it to Royal Albert Hall this time so I want to sell my 3 tickets in the Standing Arena for 29th March"

dsanchez: "I have a ticket for sale for SATURDAY 29/03/2014 Location: 1 x CHOIR SEATS, Block: C/E - Row: 6 - Seat: 3"

Jakso: "I have free ticket for Saturday, Circle Block: T - Row: 6 - Seats: 116"


simply_elegant: "If anyone would like to swap two standing tickets for Sat 29th March for my Fri 28th tickets, please get in touch"

Gabriela: "I have two tickets for the Friday concert but I would like to go on Saturday. Does anybody have one or two spare "standing tickets"?

Schwarmat: "I have 2 tix for the Saturday Show, I would like to swap for 2 tix for the Friday Show. My tix are in Block S64, 2nd row, seat 3 & 4. I do not expect simular tix in return - let's see what is on offer and what is possible and take it from there"

If you wish to sell/buy/exchange a ticket for the show of 28th publish it here, for the 29th do it here. If you're lazy to register at  :twisted: you may send your requests to or by Twitter to @curefans

I will update this with new offers as they arrive.

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