selling Euro 98 summer tour shirt

Started by Fabien G, June 08, 2014, 19:04:54

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Fabien G

I'm selling the Euro Summer 98 ashirt with the three bats logo.
label Big licenced clothing London
100% cotton made in uk
Already worn and washed a few times.
White is still white, black collar still black.
black onlogos slightly faded,
a few small marks on the logos (you know, if you stretch it too much),
the white on the logo is in fact printed and has a few small marks on the left,
large Summer 98 on back, stretches marks as well on the back logos.
size S, it's kindo of short and large,
dimension shoulders 48cm
under the harms 52cm
from bottom of collar to bottom of shirt front 52cm
from label to bottom of shirt back 59cm
width of bottom 59cm
15€ + shipping

Everybody not checking the site everyday, not to do first time first served, just in case, and avoid auctions, i'll leave it for a little time and see if there are several requests I'll choose randomly, is that fair?


download the pics here