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Started by Rietan, November 30, 2022, 22:42:14

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Remembering the old vhs tape times.....
My highlights:
Secret gig, especially wendy time and cut/away
Rehearsal of unplugged
Unplugged if only tonight we could sleep
Chatty Simon at make up


I remember it well, I must've watched the VHS quite a lot back in early '92.

QuoteThe Cure have today shared an upgraded, extended HD version of Play Out, their 1991 behind-the-scenes their documentary. You can watch all two hours of it on YouTube.

Directed by Peter Fowler, Play Out follows The Cure across a handful of vastly different, yet equally important performances. From debuting future hits at small-scale English clubs to a headlining set at Wembley Arena and a coveted spot on MTV Unplugged, the expanded version of the documentary offers an even closer look at how one of history's most influential goth-rock bands came to be.
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Ulrich, did you find out what is extended now?? I think I have to completely rewatch. Maybe wendy time is not interrupted by the interview....
I hope you feel better today


In the new version at t&c club there are now 2 extra songs: 10:15 and killing an arab.

Its a great video; love the early versions of wish songs more than the over produced album versions. And Robert sings very well at the unique unplugged concert. I still have my old vhs tape but no player; was always hoping there would be a dvd version but it seems to be a dying format now ...


Quote from: Rietan on December 01, 2022, 17:07:29Ulrich, did you find out what is extended now?

No, but pyota did.  :cool

Btw, on the back of my VHS it says "running time approx 124 mins".
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Thanks! Yes the singing on unplugged is incredible, divine I would say!

On youtube the difference is about 9 minutes to the old one matching the indications on the casette!