Happy 21st Birthday Kissing Crimson

Started by billee, January 28, 2008, 08:13:44

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Kissy that cake looked beautiful. Mademy mouth water looking at it. Actually almost drooling. What type of cake was it? :smth043  Ahhhh silly old chook I am
The other one feeds on my hesitation
Grows inside of my trepidaton
Buries his claws in my dislocation
I whisper your name to lose control


Ouh Billee! It was plain old chocolate cake of course! mmm

When's your b'day? I'll make you one, can't promise I'll get the pic right though

Well im an old chook too, it's all downhill from here...hahaha ;)
'I'm in a carefully careless mess'


Happy birthday kissingcrimson, all the best :)

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Thankyou everyone! Love you all crimson kisses, also kissmekissmekissme inspired cake coming soon....it is 25 years since 1987!
'I'm in a carefully careless mess'