Happy b-day SueC

Started by Ulrich, March 25, 2021, 09:11:15

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Happy birthday to you! May you have a great day celebrating.
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Happy fiftieth! I can't help but smile broadly, because of the numerology.😊 Have a nice day, @SueC.
En cette nation [Russie] qui n'a pas eu de théoriciens et de démagogues,
les pires ferments de destruction ont apparu. (J. Péladan)


Thank you so much, both of you! :cool (And you may have to explain that to me, @MeltingMan - by the way, I've decided to round my age up to the nearest century from now on, will this interfere with the numerology?  :winking_tongue)

We did have an especially lovely day, because our free day coincided with my birthday this year.  The birthday person always gets to choose the hike, and I chose Mt Hallowell - again!  16km circuit going up Mt Hallowell and then down to Monkey Rock, returning on the road - that's the boring part, so lots of ridiculous word games on that section.  But the first three hours through the wilderness are superb and make up for that last hour.

We had an unexpected birthday cake that became hilarious by the time we'd dragged it up the mountain.  When we're in Denmark, we fuel up for the walk at their prize-winning bakery and also take a few items for food breaks on the hike.  I was going to get my usual individual strawberry tart for special occasions when I noticed they had a giant strawberry tart for eight people for less than half the normal price - just a few dollars more than the single serve.  Talk about fate!  Their strawberry tarts are amazing... :yum:

The slight problem that presented itself was that we didn't have a sturdy container big enough to put the giant strawberry tart into for carrying it up the mountain, but the nice person from the co-op next door gave us a spare shoebox that fitted.  Sadly, the only way to fit the box into the backpack was vertically. :beaming-face  So by the time we got to the lookout, its shape was rearranged by gravity...

Brett made two films of the ensuing hilarity. Here's the first (I'll add the other one tomorrow) - look at the poor strawberry tart...

We have a much funnier film but it's going to take a long time to upload on our glacial internet speeds out here in the middle of nowhere.

Also I got this message from CF:

QuoteWe hope your birthday is the best ever cloudy, sunny or whatever the weather.
Have lots of birthday cake and fun, and tell us what you have done.
We hope this message brought you cheer, and make it last, until same time same place, next year.
The curefans.com Team. - Today at 08:48:07

Meanwhile though, should you want to go on a vicarious walk on Mt Hallowell (without the cake, but also without the sweating), we took some nice photos today.  The first one is here:


...use the LEFT arrow to go forwards.  It really is a gorgeous place!  Also, there's some funny "stories" in the photos, like interacting with our dog...  :lol:
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Now THAT is a birthday post, complete with cake, video, photos and everything we could wish for!

Curefans-forum says THANK YOU @SueC! :happy
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


You're welcome.  :)  It would be nice if more people could be persuaded to post things like this.  It's not as if axe murderers are lurking online waiting for someone to break their anonymity... and if they did, well, the borders are currently closed here!  :P
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I'm just happy because you are, strictly unscientific, of course, in the club of seven. I think WOAW too. This clip goes into it:

En cette nation [Russie] qui n'a pas eu de théoriciens et de démagogues,
les pires ferments de destruction ont apparu. (J. Péladan)


Thank you for being kind, @MeltingMan:)  :cool

I had a look at the clip.  For the first minute (before they went on about July and business) I thought, "Some of those apply, some of them I aspire to, but I've never called myself religious, I'm not particularly patient, and I'm not sure I'm pessimistic - in one way I am, but call that realism - but as an everyday operating principle I'm deliberately optimistic because otherwise I might as well get a spade and dig my own grave now, not to mention what being like Marvin the Paranoid Android would do to the people around me or to any chance of doing anything positive in this world...and I don't think I am that fond of change, unless it's for the better..."

Brett was born on the 17th (of the 7th, if that makes any difference) and is totally suitable for me both for marriage and friendship... ♥ ♥ ♥   ...though my first boyfriend was most unsuitable for either of these and born in month 8 of the modern calendar - and to describe him as an enemy to me would be dead accurate - he tried to smother the best things about me, but since I have a fighting spirit and we parted company in my early 20s he did not succeed.  (He also tied cats to railway lines as a childhood recreation but I didn't know that until later, and by his own bragging about it so I presume it's true, and it was in keeping with his general personality.)

Many of us seem to need to crawl out of dark holes as we enter adulthood; so your (non-business) clip points apply more to me now than they did when I was 25.

More clip feedback:  My birthday was on a Thursday the 25th this year and was a very happy occasion with much silliness, as you are about to see...

This was Take 2 on the theme of "gravitationally rearranged birthday cake" - and what an apt metaphor this is for reaching the half-century mark!  :lol:

More clip feedback:  I like green and white, but really don't like yellow that much except in flowers or the sun, and I don't like pink at all except in flowers (but it's cool that Simon Gallup has a pink bass because it's iconoclastic)... and I do like dark reds and greys and black of course... Our car is green and the last one was yellow but someone rear-ended me spectacularly doing over 100km/h while I was turning off a highway and I was lucky to be alive:

Please Don't Tailgate

The colour was chosen for visibility and safely, ironically enough.  I was crashed into at 4pm on a sunny autumn day and the driver swore blind he didn't see me (probably too busy texting) and he claimed falsely that I didn't indicate (but there was a witness who saw the whole thing, including me indicating and the guy driving like he thought he had the road to himself...).

I guess you can count that one either way... unlucky for that to happen, or lucky because I came out of it without major injuries...

Still thinking:  I didn't EVER use red pen on student work - was completely opposed to that notion - all my feedback and grading was in green and I used lots of smilies... :)  (and sometimes this kind of thing: :1f62d:)

As to clothes colours, I like dark red in our home but don't generally wear the colour - excepting one hiking jacket...

And as to the lucky ages, some of them were, and some of them weren't.  Also I met Brett when I was 35 and married him when I was 36, and consider that the luckiest thing ever in my life.  Plus I had a miserable year when I was 25... At 37 I permanently lost function to half my larynx so I wouldn't count that as lucky, except we wouldn't be where we are now if that hadn't happened and we love where we are now... At 43 I first heard Bloodflowers so you can make of that what you will, but it was a year I was intensely coming to grips with complex PTSD - not a picnic, but a time of growth and insight... 47 was an excellent year indeed...

Health:  Spot on, apart from the salt free fast:  I have low blood pressure and get postural hypotension, so in Australia's climate have to supplement with salt and other electrolytes rather than avoid it.  I don't wear much jewellery, but our wedding rings are silver by choice.

My problem with all this is that we can often turn things to make them fit (and of course these things aren't facts, they are speculation, hypotheses, ideas).  But on the plus side, anything you use to make you think from a different perspective can be a good thing, so thank you for that!  :cool  And of course, if you want to add anything to all this discussion, please do!

Something else fun:  A cat birthday clip my writer sister sent me:

:lol:  I think the "French" cats are especially funny...
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Ha! An increasingly rare event!

QuoteUpcoming Birthdays: Blissfully Dead (51), soulmate (43), CeliaLino (50), ROQ GODDEZZ (55), slowing down daysgo by (53)

...the sample of the next five people on CF having birthdays actually has a slightly higher average age than my current age!  :angel
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Look, @Ulrich!  All these young whippersnappers!   :kissing_smiling_eyes:

QuoteUpcoming Birthdays: Spookyfroots (20), Perfect_Girl (33), DisintegrateRain6owz (27), temptation-cure (31)

They can have candles on their birthday cakes without undue risk!  ...last time Brett had a birthday party a few years ago, I put all his candles on his cake and it was challenging to get them all lit before the first lot had half burnt down.  And no joke, there were six volunteer bushfire brigade members present when we did it!  Two of them were us, so we felt well qualified to have such a cake, but also appreciative of the skilled emergency backup!  :winking_tongue

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