Roger vs. Us

Started by lostflower4, October 05, 2005, 23:01:48

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First off, I want to defend Roger, because he is a great person and wonderous musician. I spent most of the 2000 tour video recording the band and fans. The band was wonderful to us (for the most part) allowing us to record alot of great footage (soundcheck San Diego, LA, SF, meeting with fans and many many shows). It's not that any of them care about the media/music being out there. It's the money being made off of it. I would guess that Rogers reaction to the fan video recording was due to the fact that many of us (fans) have spent (too much) money on sub-par recordings of shows. This is a sore subject with them. They don't mind us seeing/hearing the shows if we were not there, it's that we have to pay for it to some jerk. To many on this site (and others) are to quick to judge them. I have heard for so many years about how horrid Jason is. Well, I say f*ck that!!! He is a great drummer, and has breathed new life in to the band that we all love and know could have ended many many years ago (i.e. Joy Division, The Smiths, The Jam etc...). Alright, sorry for the rant, but we all need to see both sides before we judge to harshly. My very good friend Arusha Baker has been putting together footage from the 2000 tour about us, the fans. She has some footage up on her website: ( - check #2 "Cure Documentry"). I think many of you will enjoy it quite a bit.
and all the other voices say,
change your mind, your always wrong...


1 - Only hardcore fans will buy a cure bootleg
2 - How many cure fans will buy a bootleg and will not buy the proper album or do whatever it takes to see them live?

Hence Bootlegs do not lead to a loss of money to the band but more likely to a desire to see the band playing live after hearing how great they sound


Depending on where you live it can be difficult at time to find a store that sells bootleg materials as well. Most people just download them these days.


I'm nowhere near you long time Cure collectors but I really miss Roger.

this may be obsessive to some, others may understand me... I've been hooked on the Toronto 2004 gig since I first got a copy and have been listening to it on headphones daily ever since... the performance of "Plainsong" is simply amazing and IMHO it's the keyboards that truly define that song.

I guess we will never know why Robert did what he did with the band but maybe Roger was getting the smallest piece of the pie for his contributions and disliked bootlegs from a monetary standpoint?

just my .02



Quote from: lostflower4Today is definitely an interesting day for me. I was just speaking to someone who has filmed a lot of "unofficial" Cure concerts. I asked him if it was nervewracking to be standing in the audience with a camera, always on the watch for security guards. He said yes, and noted it's even harder to get by with in the United States compared to Europe.

Then something he said really sent me off. He was recording the Cologne show last summer, and Roger spotted him in the audience. Roger then sent the security guards after him. With that, I've lost all respect for Roger, and I'm more than glad he's out of the band. I never really cared for him anyway. A great keyboardist yes, but I don't think The Cure needs a ecstatic tambourine player on stage! Sorry.

Funny that Robert doesn't care about any of this stuff. Sometimes it looks like he's smiling right into camera, even for bootleg stuff. I always knew Roger had a problem with boots, but that's just going over the line! :twisted:

hi saw this. it was micha - the bodygard from robert. he saw the filmer and said to a security gard to bring him the video tape.. micha got the tape and roger was happy and show micha that he want to have this tape.
i dont know the reason. but this was not fair.
the band can get everything, and most of the fans have bought everything as original.  since years i pay thousands of euros for this band..
but robert said to me once again... do it  if you are happy when you hear the songs live in 100 versions.