Your first time with The Cure

Started by dsanchez, March 23, 2006, 20:50:06

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Great story, @MAtT !
And, well-told. You have a nice story-teller's rhythm to your writing.
I don't know how you're spending your life, so far, but if you need a little encouragement to dig back in to that dusty ol' novel on the shelf, here's a little Push:

'Smear this man across the walls like strawberries and cream...'


Quote from: piggymirror on January 12, 2020, 06:31:10More or less at the same time, my grandmother was dying of cancer, and as we had no spare room at my parent's home (she had lived elsewhere), she had to sleep in my room as my younger brother was a toddler, and I had to endure all of her agony every night during months (years? memory gets hazy) until she was taken to hospital with me having the full certainty of her never coming back, and although nobody ever told me she wasn't coming back... there was no need, Although by the last weeks she and my brother had swapped rooms, as the situation was... well, not pleasant to anyone I guess.
I was left alone at home as my brother was with my other grandparents and my parents went to the hospital.
I didn't cry (not then and there). I'm not certain that I've ever fully recovered from that.
So, in a way, there was a girl in the corner (of my room).
With a Cure poster, looking in? I'm not sure it was there yet. Depending on the exact dates, that would be a certainty. Memory gets hazy.
It must have been... 1988/1989, more or less, give it or take a year. Definitely before 1992
That is when I started to dress in black. I don't anymore, but there's still that nagging feeling that I should.

Memory got hazy indeed. After asking the (always...  :expressionless: ) right sources... 1991 to 1993.
The posters (there were two) were absolutely there and saw the last half of it all...  :pensive:


Quote from: piggymirror on January 12, 2020, 06:31:10I must have become aware of the name "The Cure" around 1987, I guess.

That was DEFINITELY 1987.

I saw them in a magazine. Can't remember whether Roger was in the photo or not.

And some time later ( :beaming-face ), one hairy punk told me "what's up, chav?", and then he told me he liked The Cure.
I was left a bit puzzled, because I figured out he'd like the Sex Pistols or... Iron Maiden ( :D  :D  :D ).
At the time I thought The Cure were just another Ibiza synth band (oh, no, this is my undoing...).

God, I really am having to do mental archaeology here.


Quote from: piggymirror on February 10, 2020, 18:06:33And some time later ( :beaming-face ), one hairy punk told me "what's up, chav?", and then he told me he liked The Cure.
I was left a bit puzzled, because I figured out he'd like the Sex Pistols or... Iron Maiden ( :D  :D  :D ).
At the time I thought The Cure were just another Ibiza synth band (oh, no, this is my undoing...).

ROFL  :rofl

In 1987, I thought they were imbeciles.  I was a serious teenager, and at the time they kind of looked like The Wiggles (not that The Wiggles had been invented back then).  Well, The Wiggles with eyeliner and gravity-defying hair.  At any rate, something you'd encounter on Playschool.  :angel

Quote from: undefinedGod, I really am having to do mental archaeology here.

It's like excavating layers of fossils!  :angel
It's funny how many kids want to become palaeontologists etc.  And then they get older and automatically turn into something like that!  :-D
SueC is time travelling


Quote from: SueC on February 12, 2020, 14:53:44In 1987, I thought they were imbeciles.  I was a serious teenager

Well when I first heard "Inbetween days", I didn't know how the band looked, thus to me they seemed like a "normal" 1980s pop group (e.g. Spandau Ballet). Only a bit later, I read those articles in music paper and saw some photos...
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


First time I remember I was listening a tape with on one side U2 demo's in Holland and on the other side the head on the door. This was in 1986 my first encounter with the Cure, I was 14 and totally shocked. My first album on vinyl was Pornography. In my opinion the album with the most impact my whole life since then. My first concert was in Thialf stadium in Heerenveen, Holland in 1989, Disintegration. 


...nice Nosferat,
Am a bit jealous of first seeing them in 1989, did you see them over the years after that too ?

Im curious where the tape came from?
I had a similar event that made me fall in love with the Cure, a double-sided cassette tape with the Head on the Door on one side!
My story was that I bought a tape from an 'op shop' (store in Australia where 2nd hand clothes and items are sold, incl some records & tapes), probably for about $1. In someone's hand writing it had scrawled the name of the albums: on one side The Cure -the Head on the Door, on the other David Bowie -Scary Monsters. The audio was perfect, and amazingly each album fitted perfectly on it.  I had never heard these albums, but from what I heard until that point I liked the music I had heard from both of them. ...that tape was a milestone, as I quickly became a huge fan of both The Cure and Bowie, and those are some of my all time favourite albums to this day.
I always wondered who had created the tape ...what a great gift it was.
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Where the traffic is thin..."


The tape was a gift from someone who knows that i loved U2. The other side (the Cure) was a coincidence.
After that i've went to almost all the concerts in Holland, and one in Germany (2008) except for the festivals. Recently, 2018,I bought tickets for the concert in Hyde park London. But after a huge problem with my car, more than € 2000,- damage I've decided to sell the tickets. Still sad about that. But we've got Cureation.


when i was a little, mum and dad sometimes played some the cure songs because in their youth they listened to it themselves (unfortunately they are not such big fans as me)
but that conscious moment when I listened to it a "first time" happened when I was 10 years old

my dad and I were walking late at night in the park and he play some music, it seems, "letter to Elise" or "just like heaven" .. I don't remember anymore .. but I remember Robert's voice and dreamy music, which was wide and airy like the sky,  it was incredibly beautiful and it impressed me so much that I still remember this moment .. before that I had never heard such dreamy and wonderful music, I don't know .. my childish ear immediately singled out a bunch of features that I really liked very much,  and when I got my phone, I added these songs to myself ...
when I started to become a big fan and listen to "the cure" in March of this year, I recognized a lot of songs, because I heard all this in my childhood :))
I was especially fascinated by lullaby and pictures of you as a child, these are magical memories ... it's funny that I heard almost all the songs at night or in the dark, I love the night
teach me how to swim at the same deep water as you


ive always known about their existence, ive heard their name and a knew that they were a gothic bands, i knew the name of the singer. it wasnt until i was wathcing south park and recognized the name robert smith. after kyle said disintegration was the best album ever i looked it up and listened to the first single "lullaby". at first i was like wow because i have never heard any song like it before and i thought it was totally unique, it took me some time to get fond of but after a while i was absolutely obsessed . i could not stop listening to that one song for weeks straight,i remember going to mcdonalds and having that song on repeat while eating a bigmac. i dont know if it was caterpillar or lovecats or lets go to bed that was my second cure song added to my playlist. either way i am now a devoted cure fan and i fall head over heels for robert smith simon gallup and roger o'donnell. i now listen to their more darker albums as well. i love the cure sososo much
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