Robert Smith bothered by fans - Brighton 1994

Started by dsanchez, March 05, 2007, 14:22:39

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Such a annoying time for Robert. Some fans cross the line pursuing their "dreams"

Is there a way to have this video?


Way creepy to be at his house... I couldn't ever have that little shame to do that. Yikes.
They cross the line of being a fan of the Cure, to being a little obsessed with Robert Smith. And that's always ALWAYS a bad thing to be that into the person rather than the band as a whole


Quote from: Poe on March 31, 2008, 21:53:32Okay, old thread, but here goes:

I cringe whenever I think about all the creepy people Robert, and most celebrities, must attract to themselves. *shudders* I'd love to be Robert's bodyguard when those people come around, so he wouldn't have to do violence to his British politeness... :smth075

It is part of the "job" though, and like Robert says in one of his interviews (link below), fame is so easy to walk away from, so there's no point in complaining too much about its downsides. But then again, if you're a celebrity and say this bothers you, chances are some fans (who are supposed to have respect for their idols!) might listen and reconsider their plans for barging in on your property like common burglars...

I'd prefer it if I never, ever met Robert actually, and I mean meet as in having a chat with him face to face. I try not to get too personally involved with people who's work I like, it can get in the way (although it's hard with Robert, he's been one of the most intriguing celebrities around for donkey's years...). It would be fun to do thoughtful things for him, like send him creative gifts to show how grateful you are, but I wouldn't hound him for an autograph or a picture. Also, what the heck would I say to him if I met him!? "Do you Playing the guitar? Good, good...". Either that, or I'd blurt out something he hears all the time, like "YOU'RE. A. GOOOD!", and then I'd have to kill myself for saying something so painfully ridiculous....

lol, I was born on march 31st 2008
I miss the kiss of treachery
The shameless kiss of vanity
The soft and the black and the velvety
Up tight against the side of me....


I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


Quote from: Lady on March 05, 2007, 17:00:22embarassing? Why??? :D

Robert was lovely with those guys and they were so was surely the best day of their life :roll:

what a luck!!! :-D

I know that we're always too "warm"!!  :lol:
i agree that robert was kind (as always what an angel)and yes they were for sure lucky but it doesnt excuse what they did was wrong,i heard somewhere else that mary had called the cops when they broke in when robert was not home. i love that robert invited them for some tea but still reall wrong
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