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Started by alexvdb, August 24, 2005, 12:51:59

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i'm just finished to watch the video from "La route du rock". I'm very happy to see how the new line-up play and re-arrange the old and new song.

I ever thinking Roger and Perry are very goods musicians but it's true that without them, the group are finding a new "energy". "Open" have never be playing like that since the wish tour. "The blood " was marvelous with the solo of Porl.

@+, Alex

Tristan Berlin

Thats true. It's the best line-up since over 12 years. Finally they sound more energical and powerful. The songs sound like they have to sound.


What really impressed me in Benicassim show - the only one I could see this year - was the existing "chemical" between these 3 guys, the way they look to each other, knowing exactly what the others are thinking... It's clear that they are enjoying themselves on stage...Good for us!!! :D


I really enjoyed hearing "The Blood" wich is one of my favourites songs ever. The solo from Porl was great!!! and the way he arranged Lullaby was great.
In a few moments I really miss the keyboards sound like in Plainsong
But the actual line-up rules!!!!!
i'm running out of time i'm out of step and
closing down