A question for the cure

Started by Mel, September 11, 2005, 08:21:45

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Hi everbody!!

A question for you. ?What ?d you ask to Robert Smith or another member of the group if you had them face to face.

think about it  :roll:


I?m cure fan since 2001 but it seams like i now them since all my life. I love The cure.


First of all : "Let's go to the pub and have a beer!".
And the questions will come easily!


I agree... I would ask: "Would you like to have a drink?" ... it just buys you more time.
"... sleeping less every night"


I need you explaining the difference between both questions ... :!:


this would sound a little bit silly and selfish but i always wanted to know about robert's travel to Peru in 1985 !! he wrote something about it in the official web site!

first i would like to know if that is true, because robert is a big lier and i hardly believe 5 percent of everything he promises!!



i forgott everything when i met with them  :oops: i was absolutely not able to ask or say any meaningful words them  :shock:


i would say "please play every song you have ever done in chronological order".


hahaha... that would be, like, a 20-hr concert (maybe more)... that would make one hell of a "good-bye" from the Cure, though.  Some weekend, play all your songs in order for 3 or 4 days straight.
"... sleeping less every night"