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Started by lostflower4, September 22, 2005, 13:07:44

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Was looking around on eBay...


If this isn't the strangest paradox, I don't know what is!

And a word of advice... Don't buy any of the official Cure VCD's. Just because they're "digital" doesn't mean they're good. VHS is superior to this crap.

The "Orange" one is especially horrendous. The sound is really sped up and the picture is terrible. What a joke.


Why is it "Staring At the Sea", but with the "Show" logo?  I think this guy is up to no good.
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Quote from: splitmilk34Why is it "Staring At the Sea", but with the "Show" logo?  I think this guy is up to no good.

I think it's just one of those odd overseas releases that The Cure has nothing to with in overseeing its release. Sometimes messed up stuff like this has some kind of collectible value. Worthless to me though.

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I hope nobody will buy it. Looks really strange.  :?


ha ha ha
it reminds me of those cure cds from vietnam!!!
this ebay seller said he went to vietnam and bought several cure cds edited over there. just imagine the titles!! seventeen seconds, faith, disintegration, staring at the sea, etc they were simple cdrs and photocopies covers!! in very horrendoues presentation!! ha ha ha
you dont imagine the bidders fighting for these "cure gems" ha ha ha
now i understand this ebay seller also sold a chilean bootleg cassette with different cover for more than 30 usd! So i think this serious collectors dont complain if they buy the real thing or the bootleg! i also saw a peruvian bootleg cassette (with horrendous sound and bad presentation) sold for more than 39 usd in ebay a long time ago when you can find this cassette over here in less than 1 dollar!!

now this staring at the sea vcd with the cover of show, is a bootleg edited in asia, just after the first oficial vcds released over there, i mean In Orange and Galore, this vcd format is more popular in that area of the world!! later staring at the sea, greatest hits and trilogy has been released officially over there in vcd format, (the trilogy is a triple vcd and very nice) !! and as caley said the quality of this in orange vcd varies according to the production i think because i bought it once and the quality was just fine, to be an almost bootleg release, copied from the vhs! and the second time i bought it (it was very cheap) the quality was horrendous!!! i hate it!! the same with the galore vcd very similar to this picture show dvd from brazil!! really the worst quality for a cure video!

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