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Started by dsanchez, September 06, 2010, 12:33:25

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What's your favourite Album Cover?


My vote is for "Wish". I think is the most "artistic" and original from all the albums covers!
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For me " The Top" especially the artwork for the vinyl ...
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and the way the rain comes down thats how I feel inside...


Quote from: Trust... on September 06, 2010, 21:34:30
For me " The Top" especially the artwork for the vinyl ...
Yes, I agree!  :smth023
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the cover of wish is absolutly beautiful!!!  :smth038 :smth038
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You forgot:


And arguably the compilation and official live albums...


Sure, there are more covers (Mixed-Up, Concert, Show, Paris, Galore, etc...) but here I was asking just for the Studio Albums. I'm not sure if Boys Don't Cry is a "proper" album, more like a compilation from Three Imaginary Boys according to Wikipedia.

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Then Japanese Whispers should also be excluded, as it is a compilation of singles and B-sides.  ;)

P.S.  Boys Don't Cry was a proper album as far as the U.S. market was concerned:

In 2003, the album was ranked number 442 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.


OK, you're right about Japanese Whispers. I also added BDC, although I don't think is going to win the title of "best album cover". We will see. 8)
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Yeah ... BDC, maybe we could do another poll for that one :-D
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Birdmad Guy

The Head on the door.  I can't tell what it is, it looks like a person holding in a scream with their hands and doves flying at them.   I also love the graphics of the title and band name.


I like Quadous, it counts?


The original dark trilogy (17 seconds, faith, pornography) all have perfect album covers.
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I'd definitely say Kiss me kiss me kiss me! Such a great picture, so simple (and you can only guess who's lips they photographed :P)

Very nice to see on my cd collection pile.

A close second is 'The Cure'. Love the drawings