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Started by dsanchez, September 06, 2010, 12:33:25

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What's your favourite Album Cover?


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...I thought this was pretty neat - that's the one Brett made for the very first CD he gave me, and so for sentimental reasons, this is my favourite CD cover ever...  :heart-eyes

...I couldn't work out at first what the shells I'd sent him in a Valentine's Day present were doing on an album cover when I got this... (and that's the tag that went with them too...)

He says you need to go the second mile if you want to impress a nice girl...

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I wonder how they come up with their album covers. They're all beautiful and creative and just artistic.
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Quote from: Curehead_steffa on May 27, 2024, 02:04:51I wonder how they come up with their album covers.

After the band had no say in the choice of album cover pic for their first album "3 Imaginary Boys", Robert made sure he had the last word for all the following albums!
From 1981 on, Porl Thompson & Andy Vella (who formed "Parched Art") designed many covers for them!
QuoteCollaboration of work produced by artists Porl Thompson and Andy Vella. Together they were the driving force behind the art for most of The Cure's album covers, merchandise designs and several other endeavours.

More info also on:
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