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Started by cheyler, January 11, 2016, 20:20:23

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This is something Darren at G&A asked me to do although it turned out to be much much more than either of us had anticipated.  I'm still not even close to finished but am through with 'Pornography' and have moved on to the dreaded 'pop' singles, although a fairly large chunk of material has been submitted but has yet to be posted.

There may be a few typos and definitely one large mistake, RS was born in Blackpool (now THAT is a northern city) and not near London.

This is a link to the first part and there are links to parts two and three at the end.

I'm interested to hear anything anyone has to say, hope it's at least a little enjoyable!



QuoteThe song 'Heroin Face' is particularly interesting.  Heroin had been around since 1874 and most everyone beyond a certain age had at least a rough idea what it was.  Ex-Dolls Thunders and Jerry Nolan (drums) along with Walter Lure (lead/rhythm guitar) and Billy Rath (bass), known collectively as The Heartbreakers, were invited by Sex Pistols (mis-)manager Malcolm McLaren to fly to the U.K. and be third on the bill for the ill-fated 'Anarchy Tour' in December 1976.  Good old Nancy, groupie junkie prostitute that she was (bless her heart), followed them over as her sights were set on Jerry Nolan.  He would have nothing to do with her so she tried to latch on to Johnny Rotten.  Same result, 'no thank you, next please'.  She glommed on to Sid and he was shooting heroin shortly thereafter; he having been an intravenous speed user for a couple of years already.  The punks had great respect and admiration for the two ex-Dolls and also Rath/Lure by association.  They were junkies and we wanna be like them, so...  The junkie pied-pipers traveled throughout the U.K. sowing the seeds that would, in short order, completely destroy the burgeoning punk scene.  'Heroin Face' is unique.  Most bands avoided the subject altogether; RS was one of the few that had anything to say on the matter; The Clash and 'Deny' being another (' I've seen your arms...').  Even the band name, 'The Cure', was slang for the process of getting off heroin (as in 'take the cure')

This is rather entertaining in how bizarre and incoherent it is.


I was pleased to see that Ulrich has a friend on this site, really does my heart good to know that I can leave him in good hands.  I anxiously await the obligatory "what the hell are you talking about?" response, after which I will explain myself very clearly.


I'm relatively new to this site and frankly couldn't care less about what beefs you may have had with this or that member or moderator. My only agenda is the pleasure I take in hilariously bad writing.