How old were you when you discovered The Cure?

Started by ksphotos, January 30, 2017, 21:24:53

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It was this year, while playing Rock Band 3 and Just Like Heaven is in the game. I hated it at first but soon loved it so I heard there hits album, but I hated that until months later a friend suggested I listen to them again so I did, and became obsessed. Weeks later I joined the fandom and now it's been 2 months strong in the fandom! So much support and friends I couldn't ask for a better fandom! :)


I was 16, had heard odd stuff, like the walk and Lovecats but then in 1986 bought "Staring at the Sea" on cassette, it was pretty much an impulse buy.  That was that, became addicted, bought all the back catalogue, searched for rare stuff etc.  Will never forget that first Cure gig, was at Birmingham NEC on the Disintegration tour, and Plainsong started, the feelings and emotions were undescribable!

I'm 47 now and still love them and never get bored of them, just a shame there's not been new Albums in the last 10 years!
21.07.89 - Birmingham NEC
19.01.91 - Great British Music Weekend, Wembley Arena
01.05.92 - St. Austell Coliseum
25.06.95 - Glastonbury
16.12.96 - Birmingham NEC

...still too few times and far too long since the last gig!


Well it was in 2004 when I saw the video of The end of the world, and I said "oh my God he has aged a lot he was so handsome" (I think i had kind of a childhood memories LOL) and I was...22.


I found out about them in 1986 on the college radio station at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX and I have been obsessed ever since then.  Oh and I was 20 years old.