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Started by dsanchez, August 10, 2018, 19:30:25

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It was lovely to see how Gene Simmons invited this fan to the stage to sing Kiss's most known song. Of course, personality wise he is VERY different than Robert and I hardly think something like this will ever happen with The Cure, but while watching this I was wondering... :oops:

Now I remember that back in 2002 I was in Eindhoven for a Wayne Hussey gig and he took songs requests from the audience! This probably would be more doable in The Cure than having a fan on stage, but who knows?
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 I recall in 2007 NIN played 3 shows in Melbourne and on one of those they unexpectedly invited queuing fans who were there early in line to watch the sound check, incl taking requests! One person requested a track that TR wasn't keen to do due to vocals on the chorus being tough to sing (We're In This Together) and said they'd play it if the person who made the request get up and sing instead, which he did 😀!  Unfortunately I wasn't there, had tickets for the night after this one, but I heard a recording after and heard the story.
...something like that would be awesome from The Cure!!  I wish they (and many other bands) could take some cues from how NIN has treated their fans over the years....

How NIN did things (last time I saw them)... GA tickets (no extra fees for early entry) + an effective pre-sale strategy that puts tickets in the hands of fans + if you're willing to queue all day you can be up front.  Tickets were affordable (I just found a ticket stub, AU$89 and I was front row) -at this price I could afford to travel to see several shows in Australia.
How The Cure did things (last time I saw them)...
Wanna get up front? Be willing to pay over AU$300 for 1 early-entry GA ticket! ...hmmm, will I travel to see them several times? I don't think so at that price!
...sorry to moan, I think I must have needed to get that off my chest. I do really hope they tour in 2019 but let's hope they treat the fans well too !!  ...or should I start saving my pennies to afford 1 ticket?

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