meeting the cure in NYC and Philidelphia------

Started by luke36040, June 06, 2023, 19:42:25

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hello my name is Mark I was wondering if any fans attending The Cure shows in NYC and Philadelphia know which hotel The Cure could be  staying in as I have been a cure fan since 1989 they have helped me get through my most difficult times of my life their music helped me quit drinking FIRST OFF I am a real fan of the cure and NOT an Autograph Hound I want to meet them to thank them for saving my life. see =you all at the shows! -


that info is only known usually the day of the show or the day prior best case... hope you manage to meet MadBob :)
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I'm also very excited if they hold the show in NYC. I will register to attend soon  :)


Quote from: ronnielombard on August 22, 2023, 04:30:38I'm also very excited if they hold the show in NYC.

What show are you talking about? (You do know the USA tour is over? They'll only play a festival date in Chicago later.)
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