The Cure, Chris Parry, and Fiction ? What happened?

Started by lostflower4, December 17, 2005, 16:28:52

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This is something I've been wondering forever but never remembered to ask anyone about. As we all know, The Cure are no longer affiliated with Fiction Records and Chris Parry... But why??? :?

I know they split right around after the Bloodflowers album, but I could never find any more info about it. I vaguely remember reading that Chris did something "bad" against the band, but it didn't say any more than that. I find it all very mysterious. Someone must know something more about this! :idea:


as far as i know parry sold fiction (and also the cure tracks) to universal.


Yes, and without Robert knowing about it !

Parry was disappointed with Bloodflowers sales (one million world wide nevertheless !). Both had a discussion afterwards solving the tension. But Parry was a real businessman indeed.