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Something else / Re: How was your day?
« Last post by Ulrich on July 18, 2018, 14:04:32 »
I’m home on Thursday David so two days left.

That sounds "manageable". Safe journey & let us know when you're home!
Thank you all for your reviews! I'm really glad to read them all. It's good to see the Curefans sharing their impressions here!  :cool
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by dsanchez on July 18, 2018, 12:00:48 »
Something more 80's now

Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by dsanchez on July 18, 2018, 11:36:56 »
A fantastic Ride song... hope to see them again!

I started queuing really early in the morning to be in the first row, I was at Hyde Park South Entrance at 5 am and I was already number 15.

What do you do people when you must pee??

I never do that because I have a 80 year old lady's bladder!

ahahah I went to pee just once between Goldfrapp and Interpol, even if I drank all day, it was so hot that I didn't need to pee at all  ;)

As for the topic...

I was expecting more.

For me it was another Cure concert, typical setlist (except for Jumping or Grinding).
The shortest Cure show I have ever attended.

As I wrote, Robert already said that it would have been a "party" show so I was prepared. It was quite short compared to the other shows I attended during the 2016 Tour or in the past but it was a festival.
The first few times I saw The Cure I felt a sadness when the shows were over, but now I know what to expect. I booked my flight from California to London Heathrow in December 2017, arranged for a 12 day stay in London. I traveled with my significant other and we made lots of plans around The Cure show, both before and after the show. We visited Holland Park to see peacocks, walked all through Hyde Park and swam in the Lido, saw Tina the Musical at the Aldwych Theatre, and took a day trip to the White Cliffs of Dover.

On Saturday morning, I got up at 5 AM. I could have gone out and started waiting, but I felt this sense that if I took my time getting ready and headed over there later in the morning all would work out fine. I got to the venue at around 9:30 AM and there were 4 people ahead of me, an Italian fan, a German Interpol fan, and a sweet couple from Israel, there for The Cure. We all had primary/early entry general admission tickets. The guard at our gate was an English Indian man and he promised that he'd let us first 20 early arrivers get in and stake out our places, regardless of which tickets we had. It was funny because that's what was going to happen anyway. He told us he had been Princess Diana's journalist and that he was a secret agent of some sort. He then told us that we must not think he was any different or better than us. LOL!!! Awwww, he was sweet, though.

When our gate opened, the scanners didn't work at first, so we had to wait about two minutes to get in. Still, I ran to the bar and got to stand behind the people who had staked out their place beneath where Robert's mic would be. I didn't leave my spot once, but the people at the bar took turns going to the bathroom and getting food and drinks. A German woman named Sandy showed up about an hour after we had all staked out our places and she wiggled her way in, trying to take my spot. I tried to tell her that it was rude of her to do that, but she told me she didn't understand what I was saying. She grew on me, turned out she had abandoned her family for the weekend to fly to The Cure show. She worked at a home that treated the mentally ill and had three teenage kids at home, so needed this getaway badly. She ended up feeding us all with snacks and coconut water that she brought in her bag. I ended up treasuring that she was there and loved chatting with her throughout the day. Her English was better than she let on in the beginning of our conversation.:winking_tongue
Something strange was that my lower back kept hurting very, very badly. I had to keep massaging it and stretching it. Sandy told me that she had chronic lower back pain from an injury she got on a trampoline more than 20 years ago. Sometimes I can feel others pain. I'm glad because it helps them to feel less of it.

During Goldfrapp's performance, a guy was carried away on a stretcher. Too much to drink? She was actually my favorite act besides The Cure's. She reminds me of Debra Harry. The Pale Waves were pretty cute, too. The lead singer reminds me a lot of Siouxsie. Loved Slowdive. With the others I just put my earplugs in and waited for The Cure. In a way I wonder if Robert Smith only chose people who would make The Cure look really good in comparison? Ha ha. I do think it's wonderful that he gives other bands a chance, though.

To my relief, Robert looked healthier than in 2016. He came out looking really tired though, and I worried he'd not make it through the show, but right after Plainsong, he seemed to recover his vigor. I felt like we really connected after a few songs and I felt that way through the rest of the show. It's so healing to sing the songs with him. I can't seem to take my eyes off of him when he's up there. I go into a trance.

After the show was done, I went out and laid in the grass with my feet in the air for 10 minutes. My significant other came to meet me from the Summer Garden, where he had been. My feet killed for the 20 minute walk back to our hotel. I felt pretty ruined from all the standing, wild dancing and stomping I had done. By the next day I felt mostly recovered, but my feet ached pretty badly if I stood for more than a minute anywhere.

We stayed in Hyde Park until the 12th, exploring and eating at our favorite restaurant, Farmacy. I didn't feel let down or that sad that the show was over, just felt a sense of something to look forward to when they play again.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the video I captured. I usually take more at Cure shows, but I spent more time connecting with Robert and dancing this time:

As for the topic...

I was expecting more.

For me it was another Cure concert, typical setlist (except for Jumping or Grinding).
The shortest Cure show I have ever attended.

I know everyone thinks it was great, amazing, etc... For me what they did in Meltdown (setlist and playing one song of every album and then same but backwards) was more special.

It's not that I think "Friday I'm in love", "Just like Heaven" etc are not good songs, but they're just good, if you know what I mean. I didn't become a fan of The Cure because of these songs, but because of the whole Disintegration, Pornography, Carnage visors, the B-sides, etc.

I really was expecting to listen to some early stuff, like Cult Hero, I dig you, Listen, Heroin face... something different. Maybe having Siouxsie as a guest, or Lol. No Pornography at all? Would I have sacrificed all the hits to listen One hundred years, Pornography, M, At night? HELL YEAH. It was supposed to be "the fan show", for people who are true fans, to thank them all. Maybe I have the wrong idea of what a fan wants to listen to, and I'm focusing only in what I would have liked. But if it wasn't meant to be that day, then when? Obviously it's never going to happen, and I'm delusional.

To be honest, if I had known I wouldn't have attended this concert, I traveled from Spain, I spent a lot of money, thinking it was going to be a special show and when it ended I was like... ok...

Good to see them again but I have seen so many better Cure shows than this one... I'm sorry

I started queuing really early in the morning to be in the first row, I was at Hyde Park South Entrance at 5 am and I was already number 15. O

What do you do people when you must pee??

I never do that because I have a 80 year old lady's bladder!

When I saw the news about the 40 Years anniversary gig, I thought immediately that I couldn't miss this. It was also mine 40th birthday @march 2018.
What I could wish more than this! A lot of females told that these 40th birthday a nightmare or awfull day was for them. And I saw 2018 as a big celebrating year :) With The Cure headlining this.

I booked my hotel and Eurostar, later on I saw the meeting and I thought dammed, I gonna miss it.

I had a nightmare that I didn't met any curefan at all...
People told me to change the train and hotel.
I thought oh it's ok, try not to think about it.

On friday 6th of July @lunchtime my sweet husband confinced me to change everything and drove me to Lille. Ten minutes before the departure I arrived...
And so glad I did this. I had a wonderfull time, met new friends and saw x-phile, dsanchez, jojo, SuzannaRS, helloimageifonly, ....

The concert was a bit weird because I wasn't that close then usual. A bit strange with all the daylight and sun. The setlist wasn't maybe not what we expected, no surprises, but still great powerfull. THE CURE on stage :)
After all it was a celebrating and I must say I was never do such singing, dancing, jumping at a concert than now. They can't give the same as Reflections on a festival.

I was at a concert where I really saw tears on Robert's face, luckely we had a happy Robert enjoying the performance. The most beautiful part was when Robert and Simon where playing together shoulder by shoulder and then the eye-contact and smiles on there faces!

I still live in a little dream :)
My first review ever

Never wrote a review of a show before but I try with this one (sorry for my bad English).

When the show was announced I was really excited, even if I am not a fan of festivals. I immediately bought my ticket and planned the journey and arranged meetings with other fans and friends.

I should have arrived in London on Friday around 7pm but my flight delayed more than 3 hours and a half and I was in the hotel around midnight. Thus I couldn't meet the other fans at the Hawley Arms and that's my biggest regret of that weekend.

I started queuing really early in the morning to be in the first row, I was at Hyde Park South Entrance at 5 am and I was already number 15. On my run to the barrier of the Great Oak Stage at 12.30, I didn't pay attention to the kiosks or whatever else around. It was hard but the barrier was mine just in front of Simon (or at least his Reading FC flag)!

The first band was Pale Waves, never heard before, but they were good; then the Slowdive came up on the stage and I was so happy, they are always terrific! The Editors were great as well as the Interpol. In general, all the groups on that stage were amazing but (non-musically speaking) I didn't like the Goldfrapp because they were the only one who didn't thank or mention The Cure and Robert Smith at all. I mean they were at Hyde Park because of The Cure 40th anniversary!! I would have liked to see both The Twilight Sad and Ride also but I couldn't leave the first row.

I danced almost all day, eating just chips, and it was so hot hot hot. When the Interpol finished their performance I was tired and didn't know if I had energy enough to enjoy The Cure show as I used to. But when the intro began and they came on stage I started crying and immediately understand that neither a whole dancing day could stop me!
The setlist was good, on BBC 6 radio Robert said that it would have been a "hands-in-the-sky" show, whilst Meltdown the "gloom-and-doom" one. I didn't expect anything different and it was a surprise when they played "The Rocket pub" songs at the end.

Last shows of the 2016 tour were a pain because Robert had some problems with his throat and voice but at Hyde Park, he was really in a good shape and in "a party mood".

I was happy to meet dsanchez, Trust and all the other Curefans crew after the show even if for a few time.

I am a bit sad now that kind of sadness that I always feel when I don't know when and if I could see them again. It will be better in the next weeks and as soon as they announce some shows in 2019 (fingers crossed!). By the way, I have already started saving money.

In the next days, I will upload some pictures I took during the show ;)
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