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Videos/FM/TV Appearances / Re: Lodz 2016 multicam project
« Last post by nevyn on October 22, 2017, 16:43:14 »
This Multicam is now done and can be downloaded from
Other Artists / Re: Slowdive are back!
« Last post by Ulrich on October 21, 2017, 11:30:35 »

Over two decades since being ran out of town by an unforgiving music press, reformed 90’s shoegazers Slowdive are bigger than ever.

As with the album, “Slomo” opens tonight’s show in majestic fashion, its shimmering guitar and woozy melody beginning an evening of blissed-out ecstasy, where lush layers of sound ebb and flow as guitarist Neil Halstead drenches Rachel Goswell’s honey-sweet vocal melodies in deep reverb.

For every moment of meditative beauty (“Blue Skied an’ Clear”) there are others of heart leaping euphoria: the chorus to “When the Sun Hits” visibly takes the crowd aback. With its driving riff, new track “Star Roving” is Slowdive’s catchiest number: it might even be their best.

They rework Syd Barret’s “Golden Hair” to close, reaching Sigur Ros levels of sonic crescendo to leave the Roundhouse in a state of reverie. Far from being a joke, Slowdive are enjoying the last laugh. 
Solo projects / Re: Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends
« Last post by Ulrich on October 20, 2017, 10:25:39 »
Live For Live Music: As a prolific musician with credits spanning genres from metal and hip-hop to what you’re best known for in your time with Bowie and The Cure, what can we expect from your upcoming show at Garcia’s?

Reeves Gabrels: You will hear an update of the rock-power-trio format that stretches from the Johnny Burnette Trio to Jimi Hendrix and Cream to Rush and The Police to Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr. Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends play rock songs with vocals, guitar, bass and drums that are designed to grow and change from night to night. Our sets include music that I have written for and with my Imaginary Friends, along with one or two unusual blues or old-school R&B covers that we’ve radically rearranged to suit our power trio format. There is a strong element of improvisation in our playing that makes us sound like us and no one else.

An odd thing that happened when I stopped working with David Bowie was a reviewer wrote of my second solo album—Ulysses (Della Notte) (2000)—that he could hear everything I stole from Bowie. The writer then listed Tin Machine songs, such as “Bus Stop” and “I Can’t Read”, both songs I co-wrote, and mentioned albums like Earthling and Hours, albums I co-produced with songs I co-wrote. I find that more amusing now than I did at the time.

So, listeners will hear trace elements of music they like by artists I have worked with through the years without realizing that I was involved at a writing level and production level with those artists. What many people discover is that some of my music was in their heads all along.
Buy/Sell / Original ‘Wish’ Record Shop Promo Display
« Last post by Hotplatters on October 19, 2017, 22:11:20 »
Dear all

I recently unearthed this from my parent’s loft (been in storage for 25 years!). I had a friend who worked in a record shop and knowing I was a Cure fan, he gave it to me rather than throwing it in a skip (which is where most of these things ended up). Not many were made I think so could be quite rare? Would like it to go to a proper fan so letting you know here...

Best regards
I can see why it was so groundbreaking, but to me, it was Heroes (and it blew me away indeed)

Found this nice article, focussing on "Low", "Heroes" & "Lodger" (respectively the new cd box "A New Career In A New Town"):
“David and Brian Eno and I had a three-way call,” Visconti says of the phone call he received asking him to join the pair in France at the legendary Honky Château—the Château d'Hérouville studio outside Paris—to work on Low. “They said, ‘We want to break all the rules. We know how to make a hit record. We want to make something creative and different and artistic. We don’t want to repeat any old formulas.’ They wanted everything to sound different—the guitars, the piano, and especially the drums—everything.”

Bowie and Eno had grand ideas of what they could accomplish with their ambitious form of pop music, and the prospect of working with them excited Visconti. “They had been writing songs that were kind of ‘minimalistic’” he says. “They were talking about doing ambient music for Side Two of the album. All of this was thought out between the two of them before it was brought to me, so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. Of course, I was rubbing my hands together, saying, ‘This is amazing.’ Then David said, ‘None of this might ever get released. It's purely experimental. Are you willing to sacrifice a month of your life?’ Of course, that was even more thrilling. I said, ‘I'm there!’”
The Cure covers & remixes / Infamous Stringdusters' version of "Just like heaven"
« Last post by Ulrich on October 14, 2017, 15:02:12 »

Any good bluegrass band is worth its weight in cover songs, so it's no surprise to see Infamous Stringdusters returning to the fertile territory of their 2015 EP Undercover. The Virginians have a sequel, Undercover Vol. 2, on the way, which includes their version of the Cure's "Just Like Heaven."
Deutsches forum / Re: Cure bei Punk Ausstellung in Stuttgart
« Last post by Ulrich on October 11, 2017, 13:58:50 »
Genau das ist mir 1990 mit einem weiblichen Cure-Fan im Osten passiert.

Hm, ich hatte in den 90ern eh das Gefühl dass viele gar nicht mehr wussten dass Gothic/Darkwave erst aus Punk/New Wave/Post-Punk entstanden war (oder denen war das einfach egal)... :(
Deutsches forum / Re: Cure bei Punk Ausstellung in Stuttgart
« Last post by MeltingMan on October 10, 2017, 11:42:12 »
Quote from: Ulrich
wenn jemand fragte "welche Musik hörst Du?" genügte es zu sagen "Punk & New Wave"

Genau das ist mir 1990 mit einem weiblichen Cure-Fan im Osten passiert. Ich kannte zwar bereits
The Cure und die Szene, aber es gab (noch) keinerlei Verbindung. Als ich eine Mainstream-Band nannte,
rümpfte sie also wirklich die Nase. Erst als ich auf die Fehlfarben kam, sagte sie "schon besser!". Damals
wusste ich es nicht besser und ich kannte auch nicht die frühen Alben, die die Fans so verehren. Das kam
alles erst später.
Deutsches forum / Re: Cure bei Punk Ausstellung in Stuttgart
« Last post by Ulrich on October 10, 2017, 10:01:20 »
Interessant. Ein ehemaliger Kollege von mir und Ex-Stuttgarter (Baujahr '61) war seinerzeit dort.
Er erinnerte sich, dass The Cure damals zu dritt auf der Bühne waren, also vermutlich 1981. Das
Konzert muss richtig gut gewesen sein. Über die Vorgruppe kann ich allerdings nur spekulieren.

Coole Sache (wünschte ich hätte Cure damals sehen können)!
Nun, 1981 gab es keine Vorgruppe, wie auf dem Ticket (spielten in der Liederhalle; nicht sehr "punkig", da bestuhlte Konzerthalle) nachzulesen ist, gab es vorher den Film "The carnage visors" (den Simons Bruder Ric Gallup gemacht hatte).

Über die Vorgruppe von 1980 (deutsche Punk/Wave-Band die heute noch existiert) kann man z.B. bei wikipedia einiges finden:
Am 29. Dezember 1979 hatten Abwärts ihren ersten Auftritt auf dem „Geräusche für die 80er“-Festival, wo sie beim Publikum gut ankamen und unter anderem eine Punkversion der Capri-Fischer boten. Die Musikpresse verglich anfangs die Musik der Band aufgrund der knapp-reduzierten, präzisen Spielweise einhellig mit der britischen Postpunk-Band Wire.
Die selbstfinanzierte, -produzierte und -betitelte Abwärts-EP, deren Titelstück "Computerstaat" bis heute einer der bekanntesten und beliebtesten Songs der Band ist, erschien Anfang Mai 1980 und bekam gute Pressekritiken.

In der Zeit 1979-1983 (um die sich die Ausstellung hauptsächlich drehte) war ich zu jung, aber woran ich mich erinnere ist dass es circa 1985-'89 so war: wenn jemand fragte "welche Musik hörst Du?" genügte es zu sagen "Punk & New Wave" und das beinhaltete alles Mögliche von The Cure über The Damned o. The Mission bis hin zu Killing Joke usw. (Erst später begann es dann dass manche sogenannte Grufties oder "Gothics" die Nase rümpften wenn man neben Cure auch irgendwelche "Punkbands" hörte...)
Something else / Re: Help needed from someone in England for shopping.
« Last post by Fabien G on October 09, 2017, 19:45:17 »
It's been three years sinc I last asked, so here I am again, if you live in London, NY or LA, maybe can you help me buy some stuff like chocolates that i can' t find here? thanks
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