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Hello,  I create PUSH - A Cure Fanzine.

Issues #1, #3 and #4 are currently available! Issue #1 is all about recipes inspired by The Cure. Reprinted by popular demand. Zine #3 catalogues the great Cure Year of 2019. Zine #4 goes back in time, before the age of social media. Simon Gallup and Perry Bamonte contributed to Zine #4. As well as Ruth Fillmore of Other Voices!
One Zine:
$11 All USA
$12 All UK/EU countries /South America
$15 everywhere else
2 zines (issue #1,3 or 4)
$15 All USA
$16 All UK/EU/South America
$18 everywhere else

This zine adventure started in 2017, as a way to get out some of my fan stories and ideas. I shot PUSH - A Cure Fan Documentary in 2000, and have tried and tried to get major funding for the project. I probably won't give up until I'm six feet under. How does that song go... fight fight fight? XX- Arusha