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O come on, Craig. You know that those festivals are in a way unavoidable. It's good for the masses
and that's it. Eighty percent of them didn't even notice that Lol wasn't there. Yes, it's truly sad.
I wonder what will happen after BREXIT.
I am there with the Peru t-shirt lol
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"The kids are gonna want SOMETHING..."
 "The kids won't care."

Kids? Did you say KIDS??????  :o
You certainly meant "50+ year old grown ups complete with beer belly"?  :D
On behalf of the fans in the one city guaranteed NOT to appear on the itinerary for next year's world tour: Seattle

Yaaawwwn... When are you gonna get over it? :mad:
Didn't they play Vancouver in 2016 to reward the "hard core" of fans who turned up for one of their club gigs in the early days?  :pensive:
Vicky, in name of all the forum I want to thank you so much for your support to! I am very glad to hear our small community mentioned in the belgian station  :smth020

I took the time to capture the interviews and attach them here as mp3 (download below)!

*First interview is in dutch with Trust (Vicky)
*The second interview is about the Coachella incidents and the Happy 30th Anniversary Book. The interview (in english) is with also member HaloCure (Heron)

Thanks again Trust!

ps. just increased in your karma points as way to thank you :smth023

David, thank you for saving this as audio because the original page doesn't open anymore.

Vicky, It is a truly amazing thing that you are responsible for 1 of the 50 pages in this book :)

I am happy that I have met you this weekend (40th anniversary Hyde Park)

Thanks, did you also ckick on this link

There you can see the story from Heron with a picture from my page in that book ;-)
It was a great pleasure to meet you! I'm glad to know a female Belgium Curefan ;-)
very tired when writing this..

Thank you very much for your review (+ the link)!!  :cool
(Btw, I think you can edit your post?)
I actually proposed to my girlfriend during Friday I'm In Love at the show! She said yes, which is wicked - but here comes my question. I managed to lose the person who filmed it & took photos, and I'd love to track her down. If anybody has heard anything/seen any videos/photos, that would be amazing - obviously it would mean a lot to me!

Hi Andy, well done! :) At the moment I just found this wedding proposal, but it happened during Just Like Heaven...


I wrote this on Saturday after The Cure show in the park had finished and before going into Seattle to see The Damned. I submitted it to The Cure's Facebook page and they looked at it and declined to post it, to no-one's great surprise. Well, I like it. This is not a review of the concert, this is a review of the preparations for it. So, here it is....

Conversation at CURE HQ some months ago...

"It's our 40th anniversary this year, what should we do?"
 "A gig?"
 "Oooh, THAT's a bit drastic...are you sure?"
 "The kids are gonna want SOMETHING..."
 "Oh, all right then."
 "What should we play?"
 "Let's just use this old set list here, it's from the 2016 tour."
 "Do you think we ought to acknowledge the occasion?"
 "Wait, we have a POSTER here that acknowledges the occasion..."
 "That's MORE than sufficient, don'tcha think?"
 "Now, where can we ensure that we get an absolutely MASSIVE crowd that won't be able to see or hear us very well?"
 "How about Hyde Park?"
 "Wow, a second brilliant idea, might have to move you up on the list of seniority."
 "Should we rehearse a couple songs we haven't done in a long time?"
 "Nah, that would just confuse the situation. We already have to cut about an hour off our normal set time because it's a festival. You know how much the boys and girls LOVE foreshortened festival sets! Nothing but glowing reviews last time around!"
 "Almost. That GLOW in Washington State was from a wildfire..."
 "Nobody's perfect. Anything else?"
 "Well, we have an opportunity to play ANOTHER gig two weeks before the gig in the park."
 "The Hyde Park poster says ONLY EUROPEAN APPEARANCE IN 2018..."
 "You don't really think anyone's gonna NOTICE that, do you?"
 "Nah, let's just hope no one mentions it. The kids won't care."
 "Any chance BREXIT will happen between the two gigs? 'Cause then TECHNICALLY..."
 "Don't be an ****... I might have to re-think your promotion after THAT remark."
 "Should we call Nigel just to be on the safe side?"
 "No. You KNOW he doesn't like it when we call..."
 "The pre-publicity for this Festival Hall gig is making it sound like several former members are going to be appearing on stage with us. Is that true?"
 "Oh, please. What do you take me for? Besides, our fans don't go for the nostalgia schtick."
 Next time you're in America (if and when), why not turn Kansas into a festival site and both start and finish the tour by playing just one gig to half-a-million American Cure fans? The way you treated your hometown fans last Saturday was disgraceful. You underestimated EVERYTHING from start to finish. There may have been only one bridge left to burn, but it's gone now.

On behalf of the fans in the one city guaranteed NOT to appear on the itinerary for next year's world tour: Seattle
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep was beautiful :)

re-reading discovered this capital error  :o very tired when writing this..
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