Happy New Year!

Started by bartabas, January 01, 2006, 00:50:55

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Happy new year all my friends 8)  :wink:  :rocker
Thanks to Caley and Dsanchez to created curefans.com 8)  :wink:


From me too. Best wishes for 2006 to all the members of this forum. I hope this will be a great cure year. :P


i wish you very one very good year 2006 and full with concert of the cure has to come :smt030


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! to all of you and best wishes to all of you!! :P
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Happy new year and best wishes to all of you !!!

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From me best wishes too. Hoping for a great album and an amazing tour this year. Can't expect it. Thanks for all the uploads during the second half of 2005 and for creating this wonderful place for us curefans.  :D


yes the happiest new year for everyone!

& a BIG thank-you for everyone who's been contributing  :smt038

(burst grin giggle bliss skip jump sing and shout!  :smt048 )
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Happy New Year to everyone.  Thanks for all the great shows and info.  This is a great place for all Cure fans.  Here's to a brilliant 2006, and hopefully a career-defining record by our boys in black.
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Happy new year to everybody in curefans.com.
Definitely the most open-minded forum and the nicest curepeople on the net.
Cheers to all of you. :D


Happy new year to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy New Year to all the curefans in the world...
i wish you all the best for the 2007.

and i wish all the best for the people who actually live in war-zones... curefan, or not...

Happy New Year to everyone !



Happy New Year to everyone !

"Spéciale dédicace" à Mr.Moove !!!

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happy new year to you all, wherever you may be :smth023
its nice to be nice