All Mine Lyrics (1982 05 05 De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Started by MAtT, July 17, 2020, 06:34:31

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Quote from: MAtT on August 17, 2020, 06:37:10
Quote from: SueC on August 11, 2020, 00:08:59I never have to see any sort of advertising on the Internet because it's all filtered - indeed, all scripts need permission when a page loads, and we can permit any necessary stuff item by item from the list of denied scripts that comes up.  I get quite a shock when I use the Internet on other people's computers - it's so commercialised, a totally different experience to this tinfoil hat version.

Yes, removing all ads is the other motivation. Working in IT I have to deal with the mess other people make of their computers all the time, but like you say, browsing the web on them is a real eye-opener, a completely different online world to the one I've always experienced (first via local proxies to filter the HTML then more recently via easy-to-use in-browser proxy add-ons for Firefox). I think if I couldn't do this I'd probably just leave the internet.

I'm not a Linux person, though with every horror that is a new version of Windows I've thought about becoming one. I'm still stuck on Windows 7 (8 being worse than useless and 10 being way too E.T phone home' for my liking) so I suspect eventually I'll have no choice but to move.

One day... one day...

Ah, great things still lie before you!  :cool  I loathe Windows for a number of reasons, both technical and ethical - and Linux is all about collaborative creative work owned by the community, with not a cent to the Tyrannosaurus rexes of the world.  And what's even better is that I'm married to a computer geek and have to do exactly zero computer maintenance, and he knows a lot of the alternative universe and is interesting to listen to about it.  :angel

Installing Linux-based things is actually very simple, and free, and using the Internet via a Linux OS etc means I get no advertising, but I also get to use all the features of the Curefans forum submission forms, and my drafts autosave so if lightning struck and overrode my temporary "select all-copy" saves, I'd maybe lose the last sentence or two.  ;)

By the way, I'm pretty sure Curefans is a no advertising forum, although it's hard for me to tell... and that's why I donate to it, because I like the concept of there being places in cyberspace which are collaborative, and untainted by capitalism...  :angel
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