What (non-Cure) dream you had yesterday?

Started by dsanchez, January 11, 2021, 10:23:39

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Another strange one: I dreamed I was in New York with my dad... we wanted to go to a concert I think, but I saw dark clouds in the sky, so we went to the hotel to get other clothes... I tried to find my father again, then I saw he'd taken another exit (why I went out there too, I don't know)...
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I like to discuss dreams, so I'll tell you mine... I remember it quite poorly, in fragments, but I remember that I dreamed that at night a crowd of Buddhists was walking along the highway near my house,they walked in a line of four people and carried a large flag on which was something is written in hieroglyphs...it looks like it was a procession in honor of some festival and this crowd of people shouted some words, but there was no music

then I found myself on a bus and listening to massive attack,I was driving under a bridge and everything around was gray and I enthusiastically commenting on one of the songs that was playing in my headphones(I think this song was "Risingson",it's incredibly cool)... and sudenlly music switched to radiohead and sun was starting shining,quite a pleasant moment, I immediately felt so happy..but uhhh this moment confused me, because if I dream about music, which makes me happy, then I dream about the cure! radiohead shamelessly entered to my dream and took the place of the cure,terrible!
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Quote from: nerdiee on November 21, 2023, 19:08:38I remember it quite poorly, in fragments

That's the same for me, above mentioned one had more "scenes", but I could not remember well enough.

Quote from: nerdiee on November 21, 2023, 19:08:38radiohead shamelessly entered to my dream and took the place of the cure,terrible!

A nightmare indeed.  ;)
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


Had a series of "unconnected" dreams, in one someone was out to kill me (a sniper or something) and I had to hide. In another, I bought strangely coloured cheese from someone. In the last one, I went to a concert with various people, but they didn't have the seats ready in the concert hall... I showed my ticket and they brought in some chairs... I thought "last time this band had lots more people in". I was looking for my friend Robbie who's a roadie, but couldn't see him.
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


I had a strange dream this morning. At first I saw a face very clearly in front of me - that of Laura Osswald. Fortunately, I remembered Alexandra Neldel, her fellow actress in Verliebt in Berlin. Otherwise I would not have been called the name afterwards. Really strange, because it is so long ago and was obviously buried in the subconscious. After that I was in a spa landscape with a bike and white suit. I felt like Dr. Aschenbach in Death in Venice. And ... the dream was over.  :1f634:
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