1991-08 Select magazine (UK) (promo video comments by RS)

Started by japanesebaby, November 15, 2008, 20:44:54

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around the time picture show video collection came out there was an interview in Select magazine in august 1991 called 'i'm getting one of my headaches'. the interview included a section where robert was commenting a bunch of promo videos.
some funny details:

about 'lullaby :

...it was a kind of throwaway video. jim kerr didn't understand it, my nephews did. given the choice of audience i'd rather have my nephews. 
:smth017 ;)

...the opening shot is terrible, this lingering shot of a huge phallus that makes no pretentions to be a stalagmite at all.  


...it cost twice as much as any other video we've made: £120,000. and lol ruined it. we made this beautiful video and this old bastard in coalminer's jeans wanders down the spiral staircase not even botherign to pretend he's playing the violin.

'hot hot hot':

...i told tim pope i wanted us to look like a lowdown funky soul band. he translated 'lowdown' as 'dwarf' and 'soul band' as 'black and white'. polydor said it wouldn't get shown. it didn't.  :lol:

part 1
part 2
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
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