melody maker 1987-05-30: three imaginary weeks (robert's tour diary)

Started by japanesebaby, March 31, 2009, 08:22:30

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three imaginary weeks: what we did on our holidays...

robert's tour diary from the south american tour in late march 1987.

compulsory reading! ;)

it looks like he was fond of the weather:

friday, march 20th:

up at 12 for the hot and dreadfully sunny.

saturday, march 21st:

up 'Clean' at 12. hot and....

sunday, march 22nd:

the wake-up thudding on the door starts at 11 and continues remorselessly until my emergence at one. it is hot and dreadfully sunny.

tuesday, march  24th:

hot and dreadfully up at 12.

wednesday, march 25th:

hot and dreadfully up at 12.30.

thursday, march 26th:

overca... hot and dreadfully sunny...

friday, march 27th:


saturday, march 28th:

i get up at two and it is hot and dreadfully dim. i wish it was sunny!

monday, march 30th:

awake at two. hot. and dreadful.


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