1996.11.xx "Paleoanthropology: A talk with The Cure's Robert Smith", Damien Love

Started by dsanchez, October 30, 2018, 13:30:51

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I am surprised this interview didn't get more exposition as there are some very interesting remarks by Robert. The interview was conducted around the WMS era (1996):

QuoteI've been reading a lot of non-fiction. A lot of it about paleoanthropology, because I've got a hankering to go on a dig

QuoteWhile we're on tour, I mean. It used to be cuddly toys, but on the Wish tour, thankfully, it turned into books

QuoteI still get given a lot of demo tapes and demo CDs, which I listen to religiously, I feel kind of obliged to

QuoteWell, it [The Cure] wouldn't exist without me. That's just a fact. But, at the same time: I'm not the Cure. I've always worked in a band set-up, because that's how I feel most comfortable.

QuoteWe've never been a fashionable band, and we never will be.

QuoteI listen to Beethoven or Mahler.

QuoteIf I listen to music, I like to listen to it and be involved with it

QuoteThe thing that drove me back into doing [WMS] it after taking a few years off [four, since Wish] was that I kind of missed creating something. I'd reached a point where I felt very...useless. I just like...doing things.

Full interview https://damienlove.com/writing/paleoanthropology-a-talk-with-the-cures-robert-smith-1996/
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Quote from: dsanchez on October 30, 2018, 13:30:51
I am surprised this interview didn't get more exposition as there are some very interesting remarks by Robert. The interview was conducted around the WMS era (1996)...

...and remained "mostly unpublished". Which is probably why it doesn't get much "exposition" (apart from us curefans not many are interested in 22-year-old interviews).
Anyway, thanks for sharing, some good sentences from Robert in there!  :)
Like this:
They realise that what The Cure is, is kind of based on my instincts and my feelings, and in that sense it is me...but they're not a 'backing band.' Particularly when we're playing, I do feel like part of a band, not like the leader of a band.
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I LOVE how he gives away his interests in interviews. There was a time when I'd listen to, read, try, wear...things he talked about liking in interviews. I remember one of his favorite stories was A Perfect Day for a Bananafish by J.D. Salinger, that he read Borges and Nietzche, that he liked listening to Whitney Houston and other female pop singers that I thought were unusual inspirations, how he had two phone lines, one for happy calls and one for angry calls, but mostly how he advised fans to never fall in love with performers because everything they say and do is just for entertainment.

"I'm not The Cure."

He's the cure for those of us who have the asteroid Chiron in 27 degrees of Aries to 3 degrees Taurus. Chiron is the asteroid/planet of the wounded healer, which means that whatever sign we have Chiron in is where we find our deepest wounding in life, and being that Bob's Sun is at 0 degrees Taurus (on the cusp of Aries/Taurus) he is the healing balm to those of us born between 1976 to 1979. This doesn't mean that he's not healing to others who are older or younger than those years, just that he's particularly healing to those of born between 1976 to 1979, so much so that we'll follow The Cure to far away places. It would be interesting to find out which years people are born who feel the most drawn/obsessed with/devoted to Robert Smith. For me he's like a guru. I adore knowing what his views, tastes, and interests are. I feel so invigorated just talking about him!  :heart-eyes