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Started by dsanchez, May 05, 2008, 21:53:09

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Dear members

I guess most of you wonder what happened with! We were offline a bit more than 24 hours (yesterday 4th and today 5th may). First time we're off-line so long time since the fundation of this community, back in june 2005.

As you know, yesterday was sunday and not many people is online that day, and that includes the moderators. I saw the database was having some issues at around 19.06 european time (12.06 in America). But I really thought that could be some minutes, cause it can happen that the server is  busy, that is too much traffic, etc.

We came back hours later and saw the same problem: we couldn't connect to the database. We were really worried, so we took a look into the control panel to check what happened with the database. And guess what? It was gone! The forum database was there, but the tables were not. Strange, the Gallery database was still intact. In this situation, I thought we were hacked, but we were still hesitant because normally when you hack a site you want to show to the world that the site is hacked, and this was not the case. During all the time that the site was off-line we just had this system error message.

We wrote to our hosting provider (who usually answer and solve the problems very fast), but maybe because it was sunday they took ages to answer. But finally today we knew what was happening: They were migrating to a new server (and were supposed to tell us about that) but in the migration process it seems not all our data was copied correctly, leading to the database connection problem.

So hopefully now everything is fine :)

Anyway, if you have any  problems feel free to report them to any of the moderators or admins of this site.

And by the way, thanks very much for your loyalty. We counted really thousands of connection requests of people who wanted to check the forum yesterday.


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