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Started by dsanchez, March 25, 2006, 14:55:40

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which is your favourite song in this album?

One Hundred Years
17 (18.5%)
A Short Term Effect
4 (4.3%)
The Hanging Garden
5 (5.4%)
Siamese Twins
11 (12%)
The Figurehead
15 (16.3%)
A Strange Day
16 (17.4%)
14 (15.2%)
10 (10.9%)

Total Members Voted: 90


I voted for 'the figurehead'.

but honestly, i could have voted for any of these songs because i love them all equally.  :D


Cold - perfect song, superb lyrics and excellent arrangement, feels from melting to freezing basically, a song that puts in all emotions and let's you feel them!
Same can be said about Siamese Twins, of course as well (and almost all songs are considered to be faves - and I love the albumversion of A Strange Day xxx times more than the recent liveversion...)


Hmmm...The Figurehead, A Strange Day, Siamese Twins (I am just thinking aloud here )...Hey I can't choose to only one !!!  :smth100 Maybe The Figurehead.

Cure Freak

I love the whole album. It's my favorite one.
But if I had to pick one. It would be Cold.
It's just perfect. the lyrics and the music just go  with on another.


Quote from: farquad92 on March 02, 2007, 00:46:19
why didnt the hangig garden get a vote!? for shame  :smth011

I voted for the Hanging Garden!! I am the only one??!!  :P
Seventeen seconds
A measure of life


The Figurehead, but this is the toughest album to choose from because its my favourite. I think the lyrics just mean a lot "I will never be clean again"


The Hanging garden. closely followed by 100 years.

Who am I? Who are you? Is this world what we percieve it to be? Do we even exist?


Siamese Twins  -  absolutely beautiful, absolutely heartbreaking...
The further we go, and older we grow, the more we know the less we show


how come no-one has voted for 'the short term effect' until now?  :shock:
this has got to change...!

movement no movement - if i could only pick ten cure songs to take with me on a desert island (assuming there was electricity and some means to play the songs... ;)), i wouldn't leave without this!

it's also one of the three or four songs on 'trilogy' which i only ever watch (which i even don't do very often because most of the dvd just puts me to sleep! unless i want to sleep... but for that, any dream tour audience dvd is even better: you're guaranteed to pass out by the time they get to 'fascination street'. hehe. ok sorry to wander off the subject).

Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine


The Figurehead because... this is about me  :-D
I went away alone with nothing left but faith


All songs, really. A brilliant dark album! Except "A Short Term Effect", maybe - a very good psychedelic song, but somehow doesn´t seem to possess the intensity of the other seven.

Pressed to choose, however, I would go with "100 Years". Possibly their best opener ever, although I understand they have never opened a concert with this one (Trilogy concerts notwithstanding), it´s just too much and the rest of the concert would probably seem like a very long anti-climax...


Siamese Twins is completely beautiful and dream-like to me. I would say Cold was the runner-up for me but there's something about Siamese Twins that speaks to me. Great song.

The Loudest Cure

A Strange Day...Wonderful song...even if it's not easy to make a choice with pornography.... :?

The further we go And older we grow The more we know The less we show.


very tough call...depending upont he day I could have chosen 100 Year, The Hanging Garden or A Strange Day...But I chose the title track PORNOGRAPHY
a smile to hide the fear away



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