The Cure's Saddest Song?

Started by Bloodflower, February 01, 2007, 02:45:06

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Which song do you consider to be saddest?

All Cats Are Grey
6 (3.5%)
The Funeral Party
7 (4%)
15 (8.7%)
5 (2.9%)
The Top
0 (0%)
4 (2.3%)
One More Time
3 (1.7%)
A Thousand Hours
2 (1.2%)
1 (0.6%)
Pictures of You
8 (4.6%)
1 (0.6%)
Last Dance
2 (1.2%)
The Same Deep Water As You
31 (17.9%)
4 (2.3%)
4 (2.3%)
8 (4.6%)
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
2 (1.2%)
5 (2.9%)
To Wish Impossible Things
5 (2.9%)
5 (2.9%)
2 (1.2%)
Out Of This World
2 (1.2%)
The Last Day of Summer
5 (2.9%)
There Is No If...
6 (3.5%)
The Loudest Sound
3 (1.7%)
Cut Here
3 (1.7%)
Going Nowhere
0 (0%)
2 (1.2%)
1 (0.6%)
Charlotte Sometimes
2 (1.2%)
Other (Please state)
29 (16.8%)

Total Members Voted: 171


The poll is self-explanatory.

I voted for The Same Deep Water As You. It's the only song by any band that can make me cry.
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


All cats are grey's so f****** sad. Specially this "I never thought that I would find myself". I remembering listening it in the bad times. And indeed it makes you feel if you want to cry or hide...

Definitely one of the highlights of The Cure's career


I never thought that I would find myself
In bed amongst the stones
The columns are all men
Begging to crush me
No shapes sail on the dark deep lakes
And no flags wave me home

In the caves
All cats are grey
In the caves
The textures coat my skin
In the death cell
A single note
Rings on and on and on
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i vote for 'homesick'.

that's the cure song for me that's pouring out with sheer and pure sadness, in every way, both lyrically and musically.
and for me it's also loaded with some personal meaning from very long ago, that's all. it's a plunge...

"hey hey! just one more and i'll walk away all
the everything you win turns to nothing today
and i forget how to move when my mouth is this dry..."

it also has one of the most beautiful lines i think robert ever wrote:

"inspire in me the desire in me to never go home"

Quote from: Bloodflower on February 01, 2007, 02:45:06
The poll is self-explanatory.

i think there are 'sad songs' and 'songs about sad things' - and i think the latter one is one of the areas where the cure always excelled. and the range of those 'sad things' is very broad so... anyway, as we very well know people (critics...) used to say they were "miserable", maybe just because they missed seeing the difference between these two... 
because it's completely on the contrary, they were always extremely nuanced and delicate in this matter! 

but it's interesting, to observe the balance: for instance 'pictures of you'. it is a song about something very very sad: "if only i'd thought of the right words..." - needs no more explaining.
but musically it is just so full of the light. the light of the memory... so it is a radiant, almost shimmering song. but at the same time that's not a promise of anything, it's lyrically clear that it's without any real hope (of going back). 
'out of this world' is a bit similar but more resigned, and the "subject is not as subjective" as in 'pictures of you'.
and they are others.

and just compare it with something like 'cold'.... or 'faith'.... or...
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Saddest for me is missing from the list

my choice would be ... How Beautiful you are... from the Kiss Me album.

it gets to me everytime.

lacrima mosa

i voted for apart... just makes me sad... i have to think about sad times in my life in 1993... so... it's not a sad song but makes me think of that time!
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actually for's "The Same Deep Water As You"

very "touching"


Definitely "The Same Deep Water As You" ... I was a mess the first time I heard that song.  On the Trilogy DVD, it actually looks and sounds like Robert is crying when he sings "Kiss Me Goodbye."
"... sleeping less every night"


Absolutely "the same deep water as you"!

It's sad but beautiful...Robert's voice makes me shiver! :roll:
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I voted for the same deep water as you: I've chosen it before reading the songs list of the poll...
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Quote from: farquad92 on February 01, 2007, 23:47:50
Probably mint car.

:shock: "the sun is up i'm so [shocked] that i could scream"...
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I like Mint Car.....

But The Same Deep Water As You.... it just really is the most miserable song I've ever heard. It makes me so emotionally involved; just hearing it makes me feel terrible sadness. A lot of Cure songs can make me sad, but only The Same Deep Water As You can wreck me so thoroughly.

And I really wouldn't be surprised if Robert DID cry during The Same Deep Water As You. I sing along to most Cure songs at home, and even to me, someone who didn't write it, it can bring such emotion....

It's probably the most beautiful song ever written, the most powerful. It's probably my favourite Cure song, too. You all know how great that means it is.
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


"you fall in love with somebody else again tonight"

these people in the song are like images, unreal and changing. and love seems
like a mistake in the song, not the truth.

Life's too short to listen to lossy music


Faith, never fails to stir emotions, i was very close to voting Same Deep Water but this just beat it.