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Quote from: Nicholas on July 28, 2007, 18:47:55
Vocals on Club America--same as on Harold & Joe--no one likes this song much either? 

i've realized that there must be a weak link in my theory of why i don't like 'club america': because whereas i do dislike 'club america' for the abovementioned reason (= it's too full of pretence) but i've always hugely enjoyed 'harold and joe' though...
so there must be something else too... :smth017
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i don't think many fans would say this, but the 13th is one of my favorites.  Its a fun song  and with lyrics like "if you want i can take you for another kind of ride" its probably the most perverted song they've done.   


The 13th is very good, I think, in a novel sort of way. It's not in regular rotation on my playlists, but it's a very nice song and a very fun one. I honestly don't understand the WMS hate.

They're never going to be a Gothic band again, folks. Don't hate everything they throw at you because it's not Gothic.
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I don't consder this album, to be their worst or their best. But, there are some good songs on it. Bare, Treasure ,Want and This Is A Lie.


This has one of my favorite songs on it, Mint Car. Simon always writes my favorite songs. XD

I also like Th 13th, Strange Attraction, Jupiter Crash, Treasure, and This Is A Lie

Its not my favorite, but it's not my least faborite.


 Yeh I agree with Lorsquidy13  :smth023 on this one, Re: WMS~
but I love songs Robert writes aswell

Carnage Visor

Well, okay. I had a listen and came up with the conclusion that "Want" just might be the only song I tolerate from that album, because it has that kind of dark feel like Pornography and Disentigration.


I think "Wild Mood Swings" is the first Cure album where they sound like they totally "lost it"...

I mean, "Wish" was a deception because for the first time they weren´t able to come with something new and also because some of the songs were rather weak by Cure standards (by Cure 80's standards, at least), but at the same time about 50% of its songs were good-to-great and when you listen to its singles B-sides you get the impression that they could easily have come with a winner album. The problem, it seems, is that they were trying hard not to make "Disintegration Part 2", but too many of the songs that they wrote for "Wish" DID sound like Desintegration out-takes... So they relegated some of those songs to the B-sides and tried to "disguise" others ("Wendy Time" got the funky treatment and "Away" became "Cut" and in the process changed from moody soft midtempo to raucous fast aggressive rock).

But with "Wild Mood Swings" not only the slight attempts at change seemed too shy and pointless but also the songwriting quality in general took a real dive... Even if you take the B-sides into consideration, the best you could probably do with those sessions would be a good 5-to-6-song moody mini-album, which would compile the best slow moody songs with strings (if my memory serves me well, I think Robert's initial plan was to record a whole album in this style, inspired by Nick Drake's albums, but then eventually he changed his mind). In this case, however, for consistency's sake "The 13th" (a good pop song, IMO) would have to jump out and be released as a separate single, and though it hurts to say this, "Want" would probably have to be ditched altogether, since its epicness would have been out of place in such a mini-album...

mint car

on this album is many great songs, but song which is favourite for me is definite Numb, has fantastic lyrics and music  ;) and Jupiter Crash yet...
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A review (as the album was released 20 years ago in May!):
Things didn't go well from the start. When the Cure began recording Wild Mood Swings in 1995, longtime members Porl Thompson and Boris Williams were both gone, and Smith's occasional right-hand-man, bassist Simon Gallup, took a break to deal with health issues. By the time the band emerged with the 14 new songs that make up Wild Mood Swings, almost everyone involved with the record was wondering if the four-year break was long enough.

Read More: 20 Years Ago: The Cure Get Weird With 'Wild Mood Swings' | http://diffuser.fm/cure-wild-mood-swings-album-released/?trackback=tsmclip
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I was so high on the cure during that time, that I initially loved it. Disintegration and wish are still my all time favorite albums, period. But, there were too many curveballs on it. It didn't stick with me. Head on the door, kiss me, disintegration, wish...to me it just kept getting better and better, and it took me years to realize that WMS was a disappointment. Especially cuz I loved the title. It was like the cure finally naming their syndrome. Ha. But, want, treasure, Jupiter crash, this is a lie, bare...those songs are incredible. Want was incredible. Like the cure's version of nin's Mr. Self destruct. Delving deeper than us cowards ever wanted to go! Loved it. But, what I didn't notice was all the bland songs. And songs like the 13th that were almost amazing, but then ruined by a mismatched chorus. Disintegration had no bland songs. Wish had only Wendy time. WMS had a lot. Disappointed nowadays, but honestly, very few of my other favorite bands have ever made an album that good. Just goes to show how high the bar is for a cure production.


Quote from: Felizcelestial on June 05, 2016, 09:46:38
I was so high on the cure during that time, that I initially loved it.
... it took me years to realize that WMS was a disappointment. Especially cuz I loved the title. It was like the cure finally naming their syndrome. Ha. But, want, treasure, Jupiter crash, this is a lie, bare...those songs are incredible.

Yeah, I have similar feelings/thoughts on it. After "Wish" I'd been waiting four long years (at least we got "Burn", "Purple Haze" and live stuff in between), so yes I did love it when it was released.
Looking back now, of course, one can see/hear the flaws. So many different people mixing it. Some of the b-sides of that period were better than some album tracks. I think they could've compiled a great album out of the recorded songs. But then again, taking more time to choose songs and do the final mix was not an option after the time which had passed...(As a fan waiting, I might've been shocked if it had taken even longer...)  :roll:
The songs you mention are still among my favourites of The Cure, so it's not a bad album after all (in my humble opinion).
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When it came out I listened to it quite a lot.
I also bought the singles, but it hadn't the same
impact on me like Wish or Paris. It contains a number
of first-class songs, however. If the band plays Trap or
even Club America in Cologne or Frankfurt, I'll completely
freak out. :lol:
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Yeah, it came out when I was 20. In college. One of the better years of my life all-around, and these songs were tied to it. I'm sure whatever they play from WMS in concert, when they come here, will bring back great memories. 'Treasure' is the one I'm really hoping for. I had the concert shirt with the lyrics on the back. It was my fave concert shirt. Also liked my DM world violation shirt. Ha. Black with a red rose. Saw them with nitzer ebb. Am I allowed to say 'epic' nowadays? ha.


I'm not a big fan of this album. It's pretty uneven, but it has definite highlights. "Jupiter Crash" is great of course.

It's just weird that all the Wish b-sides and "Burn" are so good, but they sorta lost some of that magic here. I also don't love the production. It sounds fairly thin compared to the rich sound of Wish and Disintegration.