Sequencer on Push?

Started by crowbi_wan, October 28, 2007, 03:40:56

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When did Jason start using a backing track during Push?  Has he always used it and I just haven't noticed?  I was listening to the Download Festival and heard it there.  Supposed I could check some other recordings.  Wouldn't surprise me if it's something new though as they seem to be adding extra bits to more and more songs.


Looks like he's using it since this northamerican tour. Right now I'm listening the Push version from the mexican show Jeff put on dimeadozen (20 oct), and this "sequence" does not go at all with the song. The beauty of a song like Push it's based on the energy of it drums and fast guitars, and it does not need nothing else, nothing else at all. Kind of dissapointing to listen this sequences in a song like this, it destroy the "magic" :(
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If I remember correctly it was used in Miami this year as well.....I hate it.


First time I noticed it it was indeed at Miami this year. I thought it was only for this show, to give a "dancy" or "trendy" touch to the song, because of this dance festival.

But then again they use this sequence in the last shows ... I'm not sure it is necessary for Push ...


for the first time this tour - sounds pretty strange if you ask me... doesn't sound too good + I can't see/hear how it enhances the song.


I don't mind it, but I don't think it's needed, either. Push is a brilliant song on its own and so fun to dance to. It doesn't need any added frills!


Quote from: j on October 29, 2007, 01:29:37
I hate it.

i have to agree... i've started to get really annoyed by it during this tour, the more i hear it the more i hate it. i think they are really ruining the song, the backing track is just  so ridiculously LOUD and takes too much attention, like it was the whole sole purpose of the whole song or something - pretty stupid arrangement idea imo.
if they want to keep it there then fine but somebody should really turn the volume of that track DOWN quite a bit. i think the whole song sounds like the arrangement is totally out of balance now.
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not 100% sure, but heard some background drums support as well on 100years thru whole song (not only during the intro).
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Quote from: budvarka on March 03, 2008, 08:29:17
not 100% sure, but heard some background drums support as well on 100years thru whole song (not only during the intro).

That's from the original recording and shows from the early 80s.  I want to say Robert brought it back to their live shows in 1997.  Interesting to note that Boris never needed any backing tracks.   


I don't have problems with the backing tracks as long as they're used to add layers and atmosphere and the focus is still on the people on stage.  The track on Push dangerously threatens to cross that line.


the tracks in the background on push is annoying.. :(


The idea of backing tracks for The Cure rubs me wrong.... It's why Jason 'has' to play during normal drum-free portions of songs (see 'Open' intro, FTEOTDGS middle, 'Fascination Street' breakdown,  et al.).

The backing tracks are also the reason why there are no more beautiful things like 'A Forest' circa 1992.

Literally just the same identical performances over and over and over again.... A shame really....


I wonder if in the upcoming tour The Cure will finally play the song as it originally was, without backing tracks. I don't think we will ever reach the height of this song live (1986) but at least...
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I might be wrong but I didn't hear the recorded intro last Saturday when they played in Basel. And Burn felt a little underwhelming/messy at first but I believe he wasn't using any backing tracks either, not like the ones on the Anniversary bluray.


The click tracks are used mostly to keep the band in sequence with the visuals going on behind them. They sound shit but they've been going on so long now I don't ever see them going unfortunately