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Started by scatcat, December 22, 2007, 21:42:15

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Which song is the best from the album 'Seventeen Seconds' ?

A Reflection
Play For Today
In Your House
The Final Sound
A Forest
At Night
Seventeen Seconds


A FOREST without a doubt!
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I couldn't vote for "A Forest" as it seems just too cliche.
Yes, it's definitely a Cure standard ... but is it one of the best songs on this album?
I don't know about that. It seems to sort of stick out from the rest, to be honest.

I voted for "In Your House".
It just really anchors the album. It helps to drive the overall mood of the LP (sound and words).
And the early version on "Curiosity" (the one with completely different lyrics) is one of my all time favourite songs.

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At Night for me. Atmospheric song...Simon's bass is great  :smth023


Definitely A Forest, for many reasons. But I love In Your House too...
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Quote from: japanesebaby on December 23, 2007, 16:53:02
i really don't know what to vote here. i tend to listen albums very much as a whole and not as a collection of songs. on some labums the songs are more easily separated though, yet on some others it's more difficult. this is one of the really tough cases.

if the question was about a live song, then i'd probably say 'a forest' - but now i think i have to pass voting altogether....

good point. i always listen to this from start to finish, much like a do with 'faith' and 'pornography'. they are just masterpieces. it reminds me of when i first got into the cure, i was obsessed with the song 'm' but had to listen to everything else as a lead up to the song. the whole album is beautiful and what came after was even better.... FAITH!


with the older albums it is always difficult for me, as 17/Faith/Pornography (same with Disintegration as well) I really see as albums and not as songs, but if I have to chose a fave, I'd go for Secrets cause it is one of those totally underrated forgotten gems the band did - obviously A Forest would be other option to vote for...


it has to be A Forest. one of the first Cure Songs I ever heard.

Unforgettable.   :smth023
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Is it just me, or are there some really early gothic tunes on here? Even though they hadn't developed their unique "Goth Pop" persona that they showed in 1981 and 1982, I think the instrumental tracks like "The Final Sound" and "Three" sound way ahead of their time...

Genius work right here. This album is one to take with you on a desert island!  :smth020


"The Final Sound"...

... just kidding! "A Forest", of course.

Great album, perfectly paced, great songs, genius production. "17 Seconds" is The Cure at their best, although it can be argued that "Pornography" is more intense and a few others have better lyrics.


Maybe we should vote the second best song of Seventeen Seconds.  ;)

Then, I could have voted "At night"
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A Forest. It really is the quintessential Cure song. Play for Today is great, too. Then the title track, In Your House, At Night.
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I'm torn between "A Forest" and "At Night"


01 M (amazing bass, it moves me)
02 Secrets (great bass again, cold piano, hurrying rhyhtm)
03 A Reflection ;) (really great opener, cool and formidable)

A Forest is a little bit overrated for me.


01 A Forest (The girl was never there...philosophical)  ;)
02 In Your House (again the bass line and keyboard part, balm for my nerves)
03 Secrets (the drumbeat, once again the bass "melody" and Robert's words)
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