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Started by revolt, July 16, 2008, 12:07:07

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A note about Music for Dreams that was just sent to me by private message. Thanks ;)

QuoteI was sure to have post a message on the Music For Dreams page here...

To make it short, while i was discussing this topic on another forum (well, i look for information everywhere i can), i chat with someone who explained to me that this subject should stop not discussion but at least allow downloads. In fact it seems 'someone borrowed' the master tapes whereas he was not allowed to , and put it on the internet. It was obviously not allowed and Universal are said to already have taken action in the past about the internet distribution of these demos. So, although I am very disappointed for the fans who don't have these tracks, I think you would be well advised to taken these off. And maybe explain why, if you think that might help fans to understand.
There, I've don what i think i should do. If the cure were to make these demos available on the official site, that would solve the problem easily. I hope they will do one day.
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Hi guys

Can anyone help me with this "Music for Dreams" demos?
Is it possible to post a new link?



Quote from: Lostflowerboy on July 24, 2008, 20:47:54
The instrumental of "All around us the mermaids sing" called "Tormented" was available at Severins page some years ago. Think he called it a leftover from the Blue Sunshine-Sessions.

This is nothing but a demo of Marc Almond's Torment (which appeared on his Torment And Toreros 1983 album):


Severin and Robert wrote it, and gave it to Marc (who added the definitive lyrics, which are even more explicitly sado-maso than anything Martin Gore).

Torment is one of Marc's most favourite songs among his fans (and a usual closer of his concerts).  :-D

Marc Almond, John McGeoch, Sioux, Budgie, Lol and Porl are known to have been in the studio during some of the Blue Sunshine sessions (and John McGeoch's possible uncredited appearance is something I suspect: he could be Mr. Weaverley).

Don't forget that Martin McCarrick, Ginny Ball, Anne Stephenson and Andy Anderson were part of the band who recorded Blue Sunshine.

I sometimes understand why Robert said he was too tired but that "every week I'm in another band", his overload was only matching to Bowie's by 1972/73 or 1976/77.
His intake of drugs and booze between 1982 and 1984 must have been stratospheric too, I suspect...


Quote from: piggymirror on October 24, 2017, 03:06:28
Severin and Robert wrote it, and gave it to Marc (who added the definitive lyrics...)

Interesting, thanks for sharing this info. I wondered: what do the credits say on the album?
It is indeed credited to Severin/Smith/Almond, at least here on wikipedia:

Quote5."Torment" (Almond, Steven Severin, Robert Smith) - 4:21
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can someone plz re-upload the music for dreams demo's ?


someone upload these plz of original audio files?

Fabien G

You can read the problem about them on the reply #55 by david.

@matti, there was another demo titled  'klick me not'?


Quote from: Fabien G on November 09, 2017, 21:57:55
@matti, there was another demo titled  'klick me not'?

No, I posted a link (like,"klick me"), but it expired. For those interested in that X-Mas story, you might want to try a search for the band name and song title on a popular video platform on the web.  ;)
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Ok, no, I had already heard about X-mas story, I thought 'klik me' was a title :)


I have some demos from music for dreams, these are:
Lost Wishes (All 4 tracks)
Frog Fish
Swing 2
Old Scotland (Early Uyea)
HK (Early A Foolish Arrangement)
T - 7
Miss Van Gogh
T - 8
Now's The Time
Dark Affair
A Christmas Story
Anniversary (Early High)
Heart Attack
Old England

If You want some of them, i'll find a way to share it.
Please don't really spread them i want them to stay rare; not to mention that some of them are on youtube

Lime Green Lime Green and Tangerine


Is there ANYONE out there that still has these songs available to share? I have been searching high & low for months, but all I've been able to come up with are low quality MP3 conversions made from YouTube videos for the four Lost Wishes tracks and just a few of the ones from Music for Dreams.  All links provided here previously are dead.

Please PM me if you're able to help.  Thanks so much.



I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...