Memorable The Cure concerts

Started by dsanchez, August 22, 2012, 12:50:21

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Fabien G

The problem with your topic is that i suppose... i take myself as an example: I only go to see them once during each tour, so for me every show is special, different, well, even if i have my favourites. It's when you attend 30 different shows a year that you can compare theme a bit and say 'that one was better'.

For the concerts i have only listened to online, i enjoy every one-offs, and.. oh, forget it.

My fave among the ones i attended is Grenoble, Summum, 14.06.89, for all the comments Robert makes in french, the incredible crowd in this nice venue, the great setlist, the long versions of songs, and especially all cats are grey, the lightshow (well like as on any other prayer tour show, it's what i was talking about at  first), i remeber Robert sitting at the edge of the stage during one song, siting on his knees during faith, great sound, beautiful first act (SO), it's got it all. Listen to it.


My fave will always be the Berlin show from 1985 captured on the "Behind Closed Doors and Walls" bootleg because of the fabulous cover of "Do You Wanna Touch Me". But I agree with Fabien - every gig I've seen has a special place in my memory. I remember the Frankfurt show on the Kiss Me tour as being fantastic and atmospherically overwhelming but this might have been because it was my first ;) ...

Birdmad Guy

NYC, Manhattan mid to late 80's.  An outside venue right off of the Hudson River.  Great Show, two walls of speakers, my ears were ringing for days.


2013 - Mexico DF

2013 - Monterrey

Added to the list. The first because it was the longest setlist ever. The second, because it included songs that were never played before (e.g. "Stop Dead") or songs that were played after long long time (e.g. "Give Me It")

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo

Cold Colours

Even if it's an old thread this is just what I was looking for.  Been interested in mining some old bootleg gold and taking a trip through The Cure's gig history.  There's such a vast deep green ocean of Cure gigs to dive into so I was trying to find some good entry points to start investigating.  This is a good start.

Quote2012 - Bilbao
This must be the first time Robert performs an acoustic solo before a The Cure show. Definitely memorable.
Actually this is not the first time Robert performed an acoustic set alone before a show.  I attended the second night at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles (Inglewood) during the Swing Tour in 1996 and Robert came out before The Cure played and he played 2 songs unaccompanied on acoustic guitar.  The songs were Fire In Cairo and Boys Don't Cry.  He voiced his discomfort at playing alone onstage and said he needed the other band members out there with him.  Then he got a phone call on stage and left the stage.
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Another memorable concert: 11.06.1982 Brussel - Ancienne Belgique (Belgium)

Quotethe last song 'the cure are dead' was an improvisation with Robert on drums, Lol on bass, Simon on guitar and Gary Biddles (a roadie and Simon's friend) on vocal.

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2023.11.27 Montevideo


I've stumbled upon this: 30.07.1983 St. Germans

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I wouldn't  say its my all tome favorite show but a unique one that was special was Dec 97 when they did the Boston radio station WBCN Xmas show. Was lucky to have a common friend of a DJ who gut us in comp up front when all I wanted was to even get in the building!

I believe this is the only time Ive ever seen them do Cut live huge fan of the song and doesn't appear much


Shake Dog Shake
In Between Days
The Holy Hour
Strange Day
Same Deep Water
Edge of The Deep Green Sea
Never Enough
Wrong Number