Have you had dreams about The Cure?

Started by dsanchez, September 24, 2012, 15:04:59

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I had a dream that I snuck Robert into a Criminal Law lecture I was teaching about the ins and outs of murder?!? ....

I don't know how I missed this earlier, great dream.  So he's sitting listening and looking up at you as you communicate to the room ... role reversal ?

I've had a couple of Cure-related dreams recently.  This morning I awoke while dreaming I was asking Mary if I'd be okay if I talk with Robert (!)   ....I'm not quite sure when this talking is set to take place but looking forward to it!!!!😂

Hahaha, better late than never WOAW :) Yeah it was a funny one. It was role reversal I suppose, I never really thought of it like that before!

Oo0o0o0 asking for permission? ;)
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I had another Robert dream recently (have had many actually, but this one stood out): The Cure was about to perform. It was a small place, as it usually is in my dreams, and I was looking for a seat, feeling overwhelmed when I realized there was a long line of people and I thought I'd been at the front, and I was going to have to go get in line and most likely not have a good spot to see the show. Then, suddenly, Robert called my name. He said "Tanya." I was stunned. Then he asked me how San Juan Capistrano was (that's the town I grew up in) and it made me realize that he knew who I was. He seemed like he had to go, but then he stayed and let me throw my arms around him in a big hug. He seemed sad, tentative, but sturdy. I looked at him in all his "bearness" and wondered if I really was in love with him as I thought I'd been. He was just a man, not a very happy man, but very kind.

This dream has stayed with me. It's wonderful to be able to just think of Robert Smith and feel so good.


Unfortunately my dream phases are interrupted every now and then, but today I dreamed of Robert.😀 The scenery: a picnic in the park. A third person was also there, but I didn't recognize him/her. He was like always, all in black, very friendly. In the end he did push-ups (!). Before that we walked around and talked - health issues. Then the dream was unfortunately over.
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Quote from: MeltingMan on October 12, 2020, 12:57:31all in black, very friendly. In the end he did push-ups (!).

Definitely a dream nightmare!  :lol:
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Funnily, I hardly ever seem to dream about anyone "real" - not people I know, let alone famous people.  My dreams are generally peopled with strangers, although after nearly 13 years of marriage, my subconscious is finally registering my husband and popping him into dreams alongside me a fair bit, often in alternative reality dreams.

Unless we count Donald Duck, I've only had two dreams involving figures from the arts that I can remember.  I had one of those as a teenager, and dreamt I was riding my horse through the Swiss Alps en route to Bunbury, Western Australia (geography becomes rather convoluted) in order to attend a U2 concert held at a local pre-primary school (!!!) there.  It was an acoustic set, but attended by so many pre-schoolers it was surreal, and I was becoming concerned about the political indoctrination of minors in this dream.

And then, a few years ago, I dreamt that I was working on an article dressed in pyjama bottoms and "normal" top as is my usual officewear, when there was a knock on the door.  I padded through the corridor barefoot to see who it was, and inexplicably found Mr and Mrs Smith outside our front door.  We live in the middle of nowhere and while people used to get lost in places like this, nowadays GPS is common and that makes it really unusual.  Anyway, I was suffering from cognitive dissonance at this development, and reflexively offered a cup of tea, which is a very reliable kind of autopilot-cum-social norm.  The cup of tea was accepted and as I was ushering the visitors in, I became horridly aware that the pyjama bottoms I was wearing had a large-ish hole in them at the back, and ended up reversing along the corridor - the very idea of turning around was unthinkably embarrassing - while calling to my husband, "Bre-ett, please put the kettle on, I have to go change my pants!"

And that was the end of that dream, so I'm sorry I've got nothing more exciting to report...  I'm far more likely to dream about haunted houses, and Brett about space aliens...
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Last night, I had a dream in which The Cure did have a rather remote, cartoonish minor part. My husband and I were travelling on a bus somewhere in the West Australian countryside, sitting about a third of the way along on the left-hand side. The Cure were about two-thirds back on the right-hand side, and the rest of the bus was filled with 10-to-12-year-olds like it was some kind of school camp and we were the supervising adults.

I only vaguely registered that The Cure were there when I turned my head to survey the back of the bus. I thought it was a bit strange - what on earth were they doing on this bus? And how on earth had they gotten into Australia, seeing as the borders have been closed for over a year? Then I remembered that various people had gotten in on special permits in order to take part in reality TV shows, most infamously an insufferable loudmouth right-winger woman from the UK who mercifully got thrown right back out again for being horrible to quarantine staff. I couldn't imagine The Cure on one of those brain-dead programmes. So maybe they were here as a sort of cosmic neutralisation force for that particular thing that should never have happened in the first place. Who knew.

Music was playing on the bus, whatever it is pre-teens listen to nowadays - the current equivalents to The Spice Girls and Britney Spears, I suppose - just that kind of cartoon music. We'd been listening to it for hours and then the bus driver let Brett and me choose a song. I can't remember what we picked, but I clearly remember a queue of urchins with serious, entreating faces immediately lining up to see me. I said to them, "No! Forget it! You had your own music for hours and you're having it again, but you are just going to have to wear this one song and that's not too much to ask."

The Cure were much quieter than the children on the bus and minding their own business. At some point I wondered if they'd been recruited to give music lessons to the children but it was all a big mystery. And then I woke up.

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I dreamed that RS would perform his new (solo) album live. Not on stage, but in a house. I was holding a flyer with eight titles on it - a bit strange, but the very first of them was unmistakably him or The Cure, although the group itself was not involved. He didn't use guitars. Mainly electronic sound generators.
So I think only a few will have liked it. Again, I was there with someone I didn't recognize - my soulmate maybe ?! In the end, RS came up to us in the hallway and I gave him a thumbs up. Even stranger: the house was demolished afterwards. OMG ...😱
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Maybe I should stop getting updates about Cure shows and watching youtube vids... last night I already dreamed about yt and how I urgently should share this one vid on CF...  :1f636:  :1f62e:
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ive had multiple dreams of the cure and robert smith although i guess th normal most kinda weirdest is one where me and my family had well un unalived someone. hid them in a trunk of a car,and then i went to a restaurant bar fancy kind of place and i was having drinks and dinner with the whole cure band and i was hanging out with robert and everyone else and that was fun. ive had multiple other dreams but thats all i can think of right now
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