2013.04.13 "El rock de los 80 fue una porqueria", El Comercio, Peru

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An interview with Robert by the largest Peruvian newspaper. This interview was made with the occasion of The Cure's first show in Peru back in 2013. The title of the article is "The 80's were shit". Translation to English pending. Scan attached.
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OK, here goes this short's interview translation. I was personally surprised that he mentioned KMKMKM as his favorite album, not sure if we already knew that. Enjoy!

Interview by Francisco Melgar Wong (El Comercio, Peru, April 13th 2013)
Translated by David Sanchez for curefans.com

The first thing that surprise you is his way of speaking. Casual. Relaxed. Like if he was watching a program of musical videos and would call you in the middle of the night to leave a comment about the way of playing of some guitar player. "Hi, I am Robert Smith". The hard part is to associate that same voice with the image you have of him in the press photos and album covers. Yes, well -you think- is a guy like any other. Even when his music does not sound like any other.

"I don't know why we never played in Latin america as many as in other places" he tells me when I ask him for the band's prolonged absence in the region.

"I think the Latin american audience is fantastic but for any unexplained reason it was like that, it just did not happen". Let's talk about music then, I say. And that's how starts the conversation with one of the new wave icons.

The 17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography trilogy is normally associated with a depressive state of mind and emotional obscurity. Is there something from that time that comes back to you when playing those songs?

When I listen the songs from those albums I realise it was a very dark time for me. The lyrics I wrote back then sometimes scare me. What I can assure you is that when we were recording 'Pornography' I knew back then that an era was ending and that a new different era in my life and the band was coming. And yes, sometimes when I am singing those songs I reconnect with the emotions you mention. The good thing is that now the sensation does not last more than four minutes.

The Cure fans never agree in which is the band's best album. Do you have a favorite album by The Cure?

If I had to choose one it would be KMKMKM and I will tell you why. Every time I think in that album I remember the time when we record it and it was a time were all seemed perfect. Personally, I was very happy. And about the band, I was very enthusiastic because I thought we were achieving something. There's lot of light in that album.

Lots of people think the 80's was the golden age of rock. Do you agree?

The music of the 80's was shit. Or at least, most of it was. That was one of our motivations, we wanted to make music that was better than the one of that time. The rock's golden age in my opinion was the one that started in 73 and finished in 75 when Roxy Music, Bowie, Rory Gallagher played...

Do you remember when did you decide to be a rock musician?

Yes. It was in 1975 when I saw Thin Lizzy in concert. I remember that in the train that took me back home I had it all decided.
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo