Interview with The Cure's sound team (2023 tour)

Started by Ulrich, July 22, 2023, 15:40:34

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Interesting article about the current tour:

QuotePrescribing The Cure: Going Deep With The Sound Team On The Current Tour By The Classic English Rockers

Talking with the tour's front of house engineer Paul "Corky" Corkett, systems engineer Colin Burrell, monitor engineer Rob Elliott and PA engineer César López López for insights on their work with the band.

FOH engineer Paul "Corky" Corkett. He's also a studio mixer and producer who got his start in the mid 1980s working with artists such as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Bjork, Tori Amos, Placebo and The Cure, to name a few. After being studio-based for many years, in 2008 began mixing front of house on the road. In 2011, The Cure's Robert Smith asked him to mix them live, and he's mixed every show since then. Corkett says his time is split 50/50 in the studio and mixing FOH on tour.

Corkett says Smith knows exactly how the songs should sound: "We rehearse before a tour and record everything. I send my mix to our lighting team, where they're running a Whizz rig. Robert can then take home an audio and visual recording of the rehearsals. He will listen, watch and make notes of what needs refining. After a couple of weeks we usually do two or three days full production rehearsals. At the start of this tour, we were in Smoothie King Center in New Orleans for two days, then we did our first show there and then worked our way across the west."
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