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Listening Equipment?

Started by dsanchez, August 18, 2005, 02:53:20

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I just gave myself my own birthday present (I become 28 years old on Saturday) buying me this nice Denon DRA-395

I am happy  :lol:

It was quite expensive...but it was worth to do it... 8)

What about you?... What equipment do you use to listen your music?

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These are the equipment i use as a home hifi-system. I can recommend these, especially the awesome cd-player by harman-kardon to anyone who wants a dynamic and really detailed sound to audience (or low-scaled/ old unremastered) cds.

-Jbl lx-6 stand-alone loudspeakers *2
-Harman-kardon hk-970 integrated stereo amplifier
-Harman-kardon hd-970 cd-player with audiophile quality d/a transforms
and mp3-support
-Taralabs omni-prism speaker-cables
-Pro-sound m power series rca cable from cd to amplifier

these are really good equipment in my opinion, and not so very expensive
(altogether around 1500 euros)

I can say that there's no real difference in sound between well-done mp3 recordings compared to the originals in any subjective listening.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one here who still prefers to listen to music that comes out of a proper stereo system... Here's mine:

Sony TA FE 900R stereo amp
Technics SL-PG 580A CD player
Technics SL-1210 MK2 turntable
Pioneer CT-447 tapedeck
Alesis Monitor One MK2 speakers
Infinity JNMB subwoofer
Sennheiser HD 215 headphones
Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 PCI sound card w/ break out box

And thanks for moving this into the correct thread...
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For speakers I am using JBL E-30

Sound is awesome. Ideal for small flats like the one I am in :P
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I have the following:

NAD C340 amp
Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player
B&W DM601 S2 speakers.

My PC is plugged into it and sounds just lovely.
I don't have a tapedeck or turntable any more....would like a turntable but just too expensive for a reasonable one and not really an expense I can justify at present.


Quote from: dsanchez on August 18, 2005, 02:53:20
I just gave myself my own birthay present (I become 28 years old on saturday)

Five years ago already. I feel so old :?
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ariston icon TT   with grado cartridge      i have  ortofon mc10  and a shure m95  too
audiolab 8000a  ampli

micromega minium cd player
klipsch rf 35  speakers    but i have two pairs more  bose and selfmade ones

arcam d/a converter for liquid music  from my pc

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i love old 70s/80s amps and stuff,  just as i prefer the sound on vinyl and analogue cassette tapes on any digital format. their sound is just the way i remember it back in the day, it's deep and rich and warm. i don't really like the overly bright and too detailed sound of the modern amps. kills the atmosphere for me.
i've an old pioneer sx 600 series silver amp, an jvc TD-X311 cassette deck (that i rescued from a local flea market, very happy about that) - would really love to have nakamichi dragon cassette deck but they are hard to come by these days and cost a lot.
nothing fancy but very decent, and i much prefer their sound to any modern equipment anyway.

i bought a new technics  SL-1200 series turntable a few years ago, just before they stopped manufacturing them. i think it's a crime with a capital C that they stopped the production - it had been in continuation since the 70s and it was the best turntable you could wish for.
don't understand their decision to kill it, especially considering how popular vinyl has become again these days. anyway. *sigh*

that's pretty much it. i do have a cd/blu-ray player for movies and audio cds but i don't care what brand, currently it's LG. digital just doesn't matter to me too much so i really don't care :)
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Totally agree with you about the vinyl stuff, jb. I kinda rediscovered my turntable when my wife got Delta Machine last year, and although it might mostly be a psycho-acoustic thing, I swear that it sounds different (i.e. better) than the CD version.
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I guess I will update my listening equipment:

I still have my old Denon DRA-39 which will be 9 years old this August! :lol:
I also bought around that time a turntable Kenwood P-26 (I will hopefully upgrade to Technics at some point)
In 2010 I bought Infinity Primus 140 speakers (very good).

Does any of you use a graphic equalizer as accessory to your amplifier?

And totally agree about the vinyls. Since 2010 I buy vinyls only. CDs only if the album I want to get was released in that format.
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Just bought a vintage Technics SL-Q303 (wanted a SL-1200 but it's too expensive for me at the moment). It's very nice and the sound is really good. And oh surprise, not "Made in China" like most audio equipments today  :roll:

Listening Pink Floyd's The Wall there right now :smth020
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So, not only did the headphones bite the dust, but also my amp decided to regularly swap the signal coming from the left channel for a nice and annoying static. An affordable replacement was found in a used Denon receiver which will do the job until the Sony's been serviced.

After the replacement, I noticed something strange. With the Sony, the treble and bass were always full on, and with the sub woofer engaged the sound was just perfect. The Denon is a completely different kind of beast. Treble isn't even halfway up, and bass has to be kept in neutral position because otherwise I'd run the risk of annoying family and neighbours (woofer on) or just ruining the sound (woofer off, the monitors alone seem unable to handle the output). While I knew that Yamaha had a reputation of turning their Hi-Fi amps into bass monsters, I was quite surprised what a difference that replacement made.
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Short update on my stuff:
Receiver, 1210 and Pio tape still there
CD player is now a Technics SL-PG 377A
speakers are (again) a pair of Summit XP50 (made in the early seventies just a few miles from where I live now, inherited them from my parents when I was in my mid-teens - very nice warm and soft sound)
...and a pair of cheap but quite good Takstar headphones
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@Matti, you asked me a while back to contribute to this thread and I said I was not in a high-tech enough league to put in an appearance on this thread.  And while this is true, I have had a thought...

(I can't help myself...:angel)

We do have some amazing listening equipment.  As do you all, of course...

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Just upgraded my turntable to a Technics SL-1200GR - black model! Ordered and it will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

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