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Title: Meeting in Paris - Saturday 7th March, 2009
Post by: dsanchez on March 04, 2009, 20:36:23
For those who live in Paris, or who for any chance are going there this saturday, there's a meeting with some members and members from The Loudest Cure Forum, a friend forum, for the Sisters of Mercy concert in the Bataclan, a famous venue.

We're going to meet in a bar very close to The Bataclan, by 17h00. So even if you're not attending to the Sisters concert, is always good to meet other members.

Details of the meeting

Date: Saturday 7th March 2009 - 17h00
Place: Apérock Café   
Address: 46 Boulevard Voltaire - 11 ème arrondissement Paris (Metro Oberkampf, Line 5 or 9)

We will be there until about 19h30, then we will head to the Bataclan for the concert. We will rejoin later in the night  :smth030