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i need to vent

Started by crowbi_wan, April 17, 2006, 07:18:37

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i just got blasted on another cure site (where it seems people like to **** and complain more then sharing their shows) for posting a show on this "silly" site.  all i was trying to do was provide a great sounding show to people that a)-are on the waiting list for this "other" site, and b)- have trouble with flac for whatever reason.   i love listening to the cure live and  believe that's why most of us frequent this site.   should fans be denied a show that was taped?  i certainly don't think so.


Bad moods are contagious.  You are appreciated for your devotion.  so,  thanks from me


Ah fkheads making everyone's life difficult...

fun.. fk them...


Yeah, I get blasted over there every time I upload a show.  It has gotten to the point that I don't think I am going to do it anymore.  

This site (curefans) was called "silly".  Funny, because I think that without this site, the other site wouldn't have nearly as many members.  I know that I found out about it via a posting here.  I guess that makes monster.com a silly site for finding jobs for people.  And I guess that makes baseball scouts silly for finding kids for their teams to draft.

One member over there in particular finally set me off.  I have tolerated this prick for the longest time.  Initially we traded some shows.  He gave me crap because one of the Berlin shows I sent him was not the version my trader gave me.  He also gave me crap because one other show had a skip in it that I didn't mention.  

His basis for laying in to me was that he only trades "perfect" copies of his shows and expects the same in return.  Fair enough, except that once I started listening to one of the shows he sent me, there was a 10 second drop out (silence) in the middle of a song!!!  And to think this perfect copy of the show wasn't even labelled as having this cut out.

This guy has some good stuff in his collection.  Because of this, I (and at least one other member of this site) treaded very lightly with him, just in case we were able to trade with him again.  A couple weeks ago, he pm'd me at taperssection.com asking me about a master copy that I own.  I pm'd back explaining what it was, etc. and offering a trade of a copy of my master for a copy of his master of the same show.  He never bothered to answer.  I guess I am still on the shit list.  Maybe I am not perfect enough for him and he is afraid I will mislabel my own master!

So anyway, I have been getting roasted over at the other site because I posted a show that was labeled as E.D. Version.  This is how I received it.  It turns out that E.D. remastered a copy of S.Z.'s master, then listed himself as the taper.  Obviously this is wrong.  So when I uploaded the show, I listed that in the comments.  The holy shit hit the fan!!!  Caley had shots taken at him.  Brian (crowbi_wan) had shots taken at him.  Waxlymolding (a fantastic uploader at many sites) had shots at him.  

I was already pissed off, but then I saw this prick I was speaking of before giving Brian crap for posting mp3 shows here.  That was it.  This ass has been a member of this site since September 2005 and guess how many posts he has made.... ZERO.  He just lurks in the shadows like a child molester in the bushes outside of a nursery school (bad analogy, I know, but that is what I think of when I picture him).

So come on out of the woodwork, pervert.  Time to make your first post here and give your side of the story.


looks like jeff needed to vent as well  :rocker

after a day to reflect on this matter i can admit i made a mistake.  i shouldn't have converted the show i did into a lossy format.  zeus163 shot down every reason i gave in an e-mail i sent and he was right.  even though the notes that came with the show didn't specify as many of them do to not convert, i've been doing this long enough and i do know better.  the shows i got in recently that i had planned on sharing will not be transfered to mp3.  instead, i'm hoping those with websites for hosting shows will contact me so i can get them the shows and have them host the flac/shn files.   :smt020

jeff, i totally hear you about the individual you speak of.  quite the ratio he has for being such an authority figure.  enough on this matter.  i'm over it.