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avenches videos

Started by lacrima mosa, August 24, 2005, 13:17:22

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lacrima mosa

i know i^m late but i finally got everything done!! on my site, there are two short videos right now and the whole audio, without broadcasting talk, will be there soon...! Phu! lots of work, til everything was done!

login was sent with curetrades last newsletter...



to who can i send my password to be sent by the curefans newsletter?
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Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm amazed at how much stuff from 2005 is in circulation already! :shock:

Oddly, I had your password memorized. If you give me the ok, I'll send out a newsletter with the access info.

Tristan Berlin

Thank you very very much.  :D
I'm very happy to SEE them live on stage.

Cheers, Tr#


thank you very much  :-D  :smt023  good work


has anybody heard the a letter to elise in avenches.....brings tears to the eyes....f*cking EXCELLENT


I am listening to the Avenches show right now and agree that Letter To Elise is very heartbreaking here...thank goodness Robert had his voice back a bit by that part of the show! The early songs make me want to give him tea and cough drops.


It seems the videos from Avenches are not yet on line... I can't download them with the password ...
Thanks for helping me .